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DEVOTION#1: The Mystery Of The Staff Of Moses

I am so excited to share this particular teaching with you. What is it about? This teaching is about a power you have--that we all have.

It's the magical power of our words and their impact on us and how to use this power in a way that it serves you.

Before we continue, here is a short disclaimer below.


The wisdom shared in this devotion are not an attempt to challenge, contradict, or replace your religious and doctrinal understanding of the Bible. They are simply an alternative way to look at the scriptures and make them more practical in your way of life in order to enhance the power of your faith.

Now, how does the power of our words work? You may ask. Get ready! It's going to be epic. I will teach today's lesson from Exodus 14: 15-16

TODAY'S SCRIPTURE: Exodus 14: 15-16


Then the LORD said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on. Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground.

Now, let me share with you the symbols within this marvelous scripture and how I see them play out in our personal lives.


The Lord:

The Divine Nature In Your Known as I AM


Your chosen positive thoughts or ideas to move forward in life


Your Mental Words, Emotional Words, & Spoken Words


Intimidating Internal Forces


Create A Way


Meaning in Hebrew: "To pull out of draw out of water." It represent our firm conviction that we are someone capable of pulling and drawing something out of water or intimidating internal forces.

Now that we decipher the symbols, let me re-write the same scripture for you to see how the symbols come together.

I call my translation "Next Level" just for fun and also to create the passion in my readers to always aim for a higher and higher level of understanding which is clarity. Does that make sense.



Exodus 14: 15-16

Then the divine nature of God in me reminded me of my ability to harness the conviction that I could pull my chosen positive thoughts out of the intimidating internal forces that are coming against them. The divine nature of God in me told me to stop crying out to a power outside of myself, and raise my mental words into emotional and spoken words to create a way for my chosen positive thoughts to move forwards and cross over.

I don't know about you but when I can see the scriptures in this practical ways, it gets me excited.

If you think about it--really, you will realize that in the end, the purpose of the scriptures is to make us better and closer in nature to God or love.

Now, what would you need to make this knowledge work for you? Listen, everything you need is already inside you.

Things like your mind, your emotions, your imagination, and your willingness. They all are inside you. But, let me show you the lesson to make the practice much more easier for you.

By the way my name is Alain Yaovi Mawuli Dagba or Alain Dagba for short. I am a spiritual teacher and my purpose is to guide people into awakening and experiencing themselves as happiness.

Because I believe if we did not speak any terrestrial language, we won't have a name for that powerful feeling we are calling happiness.

It will just be a powerful presence that comes over us.

But notice that when it comes, it makes you see yourself and the world from a very positive place by cancelling out of you any tendencies to harm or hurt.

Okay, now back to where we were. I was going to share the lesson with you. Let's get to it.


When we are facing problems in our lives, they become disturbing and intimidating internal forces moving through our bloodstream inside our body (red sea/blood).

Our previous chosen positive thoughts (Israelites) to achieve our goals (the other side of the red sea) become weak and powerless.

In such a situation we must raise our self-image (Moses) which is the way we see ourselves in the awareness that we are capable to solve the problem...

...And then give power to our positive chosen thoughts to cross over the internal intimidating forces that tell us otherwise.


By telling the children of Israel to move forwards despite the apparent challenge, Moses is using the power of words.

I remember when I started using this wisdom of speaking to my positive thoughts to move forwards using my imagination.

I will see the picture of where I wanted to be--the destination. I will hold that picture in mind until I feel a positive shift in feeling.

By holding the picture of the destination in mind, my positive chosen thoughts are also looking at it.

I am not speaking to them yet using audible words. I am speaking to them telepathically using my imagination and willingness to do so.

Once my feeling becomes positive, it means my positive chosen thoughts have heard me and are obeying the command.

I have been doing this since then. And when the feeling comes, I speak audibly the words that relate to the picture I showed them.

For example I will say to them, "On this day we will will go for walk, we will eat only what is healthy, and we will make sure we drink enough water to stay hydrated."

By speaking these words from the feeling after they saw the picture of me doing these things in my mind several times...

...the red sea of laziness, the temptation of eating the unhealthy food, or the suggestion of the mind to procrastinate is parted and I walk them through.

Do you see how powerful this is. Listen, do it and see for yourself how amazing the power of your imaginal words (images) are.

Your imaginal words are your magical wand or the staff of Moses.

Images speak to our thoughts. The feelings that come out of the images are the electrical and magnetic powers that create either what is good or bad.

But first, remember to yourself that you are capable of taking your chosen positive thoughts on the other side of the internal intimidating forces (red sea).

Your fearful-self is looking at the obstacle and is showing the picture of the obstacles to your chosen positive thoughts to weaken them.

That's why you have to first see a higher image of you. Moses gets to do that too after God told him to stop crying out to him. He was looking for an external God.


God reminded Moses that he is what he was crying out to.

So, only the higher image or you as being capable has the power to show the picture of the destination to your thoughts.

Now, let's look at some science. Shall we?


Did you know that your body is made of 50% to 60% of water? That's a lot.

Masaru Emoto was able to prove that the human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. His 2004 book The Hidden Messages in Water was a New York Times best seller.

So imagine what the images you are holding in mind and the words you are speaking could affect your body. Think about it.

What you are saying in your mind as a thought or in your heart as a feeling is drawing a picture or images inside the geometrical network between your cells and water particles in your body.


I will show you some of the works done by Masaru Emoto, then I will give you some powerful statements to focus on today to start energizing your chosen positive thoughts to move forward in life and reach the destination you have in mind for them. Okay?

Here are some works done by Masuru Emoto. These patterns are created by the water after being exposed to different types of music. So, even what you are listening to is an image.

These ones are exposed to different types of words.

PS: If you know about any other works of Masuru Emoto, please share in the comment box so that we could all benefit.


So, before I let you go, take a few minutes to write a decision or a promise to yourself based on today's lesson or teaching.

Start with, "Today, I promise to...".

Feel free to repeat the promise to yourself during the day multiple times. Practice makes permanent.

Now, here is the statement of power I have for you.


I am the image and the likeness of God. My chosen positive thoughts are now spiritualized and energized to cross over all Intimidating Internal Forces.

I believe you have been blessed by this teaching. Take a few minutes to share your experience in the comment box. I like to hear back from my readers and students.


Oh, and don't forget to check out the Soul Journey spiritual masterclass my wife and I have created. It's epic.

Much Love,

Alain Dagba

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