Bible Mysteries: YOUR STAFF OF MOSES


How many of us if God were to give us a staff--as HE did for Moses--to solve most of our problems will feel a little more confident about who we are and life in general? I know I will. For whatever God gives to mankind is of a tremendous and unchallengeable power. Here is the exact proof that indeed God has given you and I a staff that can perform wonders.


Where are you in life right now? Have you been dealing with inconvenient situations? Are you constantly falling into doubt and fear? Do you struggle to be happy? Is it a relationship issue or a financial issue? Whatever it is, the answer rests in your Staff of Moses. Before you finish reading this teaching, you will be able to understand the source of our multiple unnecessary struggles in life and how to free yourself from them using your staff of Moses.


We all have challenges. And most of our challenges, if not all, could not be solved using material and physical principles. All principles are mental, and the mental plane is above the physical plane. The mental plane is where ideas and thoughts originate to construct and deconstruct this material and physical world. It must then be our mind that assembles elements in this material and visible world to create solutions to challenges. Therefore, to find your staff of Moses, you must search for it on the mental plane of existence.


God said to Moses, "you see, I have made you like God to Pharaoh" (Exodus 7: 1). Is it possible that mankind could perform wonders in this material, physical, and visible world? Yes, but how? By behaving like their creator: God. YES, we have a physical body and in our physical appearance we shall fall and vanish into the atoms of the earth. We call this death. But we are told in scripture that God said to us, mankind, "ye are gods, ye are children of the Highest. But you will die like mere mortals and fall like all the rulers" (Psalm 82: 6-7)


Where does the power to accept who we are reside? It resides in us having the courage to claim our real identity in Spirit and not in flesh. In the flesh (brain and body) we have tendencies full of flaws and errors. However, in our Divine Nature, we are like God. This is our power to perform wonders in this material world. This divine identity is the father or the Creator in us. It is our Moses Staff. We are ruled by "Pharaoh" or the Ego (the sinful nature) because we have made ourselves slaves to it in the flesh.


We are told in scripture that if we live by the flesh we will die (spiritually), but if we live by the Spirit, we put to death the misdeeds or flaws of the body, and we shall live (Ref. Romans 8:13). To live by the Spirit is to live from the consciousness that you are like God or Love in this world. Why then, do we succumb to the demands of the ego to see ourselves weak and as sinners? Because we want to feel humble, forgetting that rejecting the identity God gave us is the pride that pollutes our entire existence.


This is the sole work of the ego: To take away your Staff of Moses to keep you as a slave to build empires for the ego in this physical world. Your wakeup call is your awakening call. As the above scripture said it, spiritual death comes from living or expression your life through your identity being carnal or the flesh. Spiritual death is compared to "falling asleep." Hence, the summoning call, "wakeup sleepers, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you" (Ephesians 5: 14).


At one point of his heroic mission, Moses could easily say, "It is the staff God has given me that I am using to perform these miracles." Not any type of miracles, but powerful and unbelievable miracles that defy the laws of physics. Yet, Jesus, seeing his Divine Identity in himself as the source of the miracles he performed declared on many occasions that "It's the father in him who is doing the work."


Your consciousness of being Divine is the father in you. Your awareness of being created perfect by God, that awareness is the presence and the power of God in you. You lose that awareness; you fall back into the flesh to carry the tendencies of the false identity or the ego. You lose your staff. The entire purpose of salvation is to help mankind reclaim their real identity by removing the false one. We are given a command, not a suggestion to take off the old self (old identity) and put on the new self which is created to be like God or to be the image and the likeness of God, (Ref. Ephesians 4: 22-24 & Colossians 3: 9-10) for the old self, the ego is a liar (creator of a false reality). Lying is its maternal language.


Maybe we all are afraid of being judged if we obey the command, "be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect" (Matthew 5: 48). So, it is easy to fit in and say that we are not perfect. I can understand. Jesus was not afraid to say it and he was challenged to the point of being stoned. They said to him, " we are not stoning you because of your good deeds...but because you a mere man claim to be God" (John 10: 33). BUT, remember that Jesus never said verbatim that he is God. He simply said that his father is God, and they connected the dots (John 10: 32-33). So, do you know what you are really saying when you say that your father is God?


"Call no man on earth your father. For you have only one father and he is in heaven." Jesus Christ (Matthew 23: 9). You are a spirit. Your real identity is divine. Does not the very nature of things teach us? Fish give birth to fish. Dogs give birth to dogs. Everything reproduces after its own kind. God gives birth to gods. Therefore, Jesus challenged them back in the continuation of the above scripture saying to them, "Is it not written in your law, 'I have said ye are gods?" Then he added, "If HE (God) called them gods, those to whom the word of God came, and the scripture cannot be broken..."(John 10: 34-35).


The word of God is God's Nature; and it is in you. It existed from the beginning. It is the I-AM-ness of God. God's identity also placed in mankind. You can only think and act from the identity you hold about yourself in consciousness.

The consciousness of being a sinner is the sinner in us that creates sinful thoughts leading to flaws and errors. It is the consciousness of being a carpenter, or a mechanic, or a mother, which performs as such within the one who holds the consciousness.

Lose the consciousness of being something, and you lose the ability to perform what such a consciousness can do and is capable of. Your life-expression comes through your consciousness of who you believe you are or what you believe about yourself.

The consciousness of being Divine and perfect in God is your Moses Staff that will perform wonders in your life. Wherever you point to this powerful staff, miracles shall follow. Speak from this consciousness that you and God are one, and never again would you try to use your physical strength to solve your problems.

You will also think and act like the identity you hold about yourself.

With these words you and I are called to enter the Holy Communion between Christ and the Father: "the same glory you have given me, I have given them, so they may be one as we are one" (John 17:22). Water and water can become one. But water and oil cannot mix.

As Christ gave you and I the remembrance of our real identity, which is the same identity as our father, we can now "count ourselves dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus" (Romans 6: 11); therefore, mix our sense of I AM or identity with that of the Father who eternally lives.

We can only think the thoughts of who we believe we are. You believe you are worthless, then your thoughts must be born from the consciousness of being worthless and these thoughts must also be worthless; for indeed thoughts are children of the mind and everything must produce after its own kind.

You believe you are a sinner, then you will continue to sin. You believe you are powerless, then you will continue to be weak. You and I are told to shift our identity in this popular insight, "let the weak say I am strong" (Joel 3: 10). Your I AM is your staff of Moses. Use it wisely.

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