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Manifest By Identifying Your Blockages

Remove blockages to your manifestation
You are always manifesting--even a blockage

Q1: Why is it hard to manifest what I want?

The process or mechanism of manifestation is very easy because it's precise and the same all the time just like gravity. What is difficult is becoming the person the universe could easily read vibrationally and respond to with speed and flow. That's the only difficult part.

Q2: What kind of person do I need to become then?

The universe easily reads its own vibration and responds to its own vibration with speed and flow. And the vibration of the universe is identical in quality and power with the vibration of your wholeness also known as the Higher Self. You have to put on the vibration of the Higher Self during the process of manifestation.

Q3: How do I put on the vibration of the Higher Self?

You can only wear the vibration of the identity you fully and clearly understand. So, the first step is to understand the identity of the Higher Self or what it means to be whole. Once you understand this and begin to wear it, you will be amazed at the results you will get when it comes to manifesting your desires.

Q4: So, what is the Higher Self or Wholeness?

I will give you a simple illustration and you will immediately understand it. Think of the Higher Self as a white bright light.

When you stretch this white bright light into spectrum you will have multiple colors. In the same way you are the Higher Self living inside your body.

The seven major good feelings or energies we all desire to experience are the different qualities or spectrum of colors of the same Higher Self.

They are peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, enthusiasm, bliss, and love (divinity). Of course different names are given to these qualities but the energy experience remains the same.

Each time you are experiencing any of these seven energies or all of them, you are experiencing yourself as wholeness or the Higher Self.

When you initiate the process of manifesting your desires from these high vibrational energies or feelings, you are in a direct contact and contract with the energy of the universe and the universe reads you with ease and replies with speed and flow.

Q5: How do I then wear these energies of the Higher Self prior to manifesting when I am often in a bad mood?

In truth the feeling is what you manifest. If you ask anything in prayer, always check the feeling you were in during the prayer.

Because whatever the reply will be, it has to trigger that same feeling inside you. This is why I often say to people that all prayers are always answered.

Whenever you are feeling the energy of peace, you are feeling the Higher Self or the nature of God which is who you are.

Whenever you are feeling the energy of tranquility, serenity, joy, enthusiasm, bliss, and love (divinity), you are wearing the Higher Self.

Sometimes, all it takes is to dwell long enough on a good memory until it triggers any of the seven feelings or energies inside your body.

The problem is most people think about what is missing or their problems during their prayers or the process of manifestation.

As a consequence they receive back answers that will confirm the very stress, fear, doubt, anxiety, and insecurity they were in during their prayers or process of manifestation.

Q6: Why is it so difficult to experience these feelings on demand?

It's not difficult. It's easy. You have simply been trained to expect these feelings from the outside world.

So, your brain only knows how to outsource these seven high vibration energies. It has not been trained to insource them. That's the only hard part.

Each of these high vibrational energies or feelings are locked inside your seven energy centers or the seven seats of the Higher Self inside your body.

You have to remove the blockages to these seven energies to remove the blockages to your manifestation. Then learn to turn them on at will.

Q7: How do I remove the blockages?

Shadows are created from an object standing on the way of light. If you place a false identity of yourself in front of the light of the Higher Self that you are, each one of the seven energies will manifest their shadow-selves inside your body and energy field (aura).

This will cause the universe to read you as an apposite vibration to itself. This is called being out of rhythm with the universe.

These shadow-selves born out of the false identity you hold about yourself are the real blockages. But, remember that they are shadows after all.

You cannot truly remove shadows since they are not truly real.

You can only remove the object from which the shadows are created which is the false identity you hold about yourself.

Once you ARE your Higher Self, even for ten minutes, the shadow-selves are turned off. The universe feels like IT is in direct contact and contract with the energy of ITS creator which is the same as the energy of the Higher Self.

Q8: Why is it so important to remove my false identity? I feel like it takes too long.

Time becomes real only when you think about time. The consciousness of time makes time real to your mind.

If you are doing something that you truly love, you operate from the heart where time becomes absent.

In the world of high feelings, the awareness of time becomes impossible.

So, instead of thinking about time think about your feeling of well-being which is also known as the journey.

If you think about the destination all the time, then time will become real to your mind and your brain will create stress chemicals to ruin your manifestation.

But, if you are enjoying putting on the seven energies then you are enjoying the journey.

Time won't matter. And when times disappears the future and the present become one. This is how fast manifestations happen.

Because everything in the universe is designed for your well-being, your wellness, and your wealth.

The universe wants you to experience your SELF as peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, enthusiasm, bliss, and love (divinity).

As a matter of fact, if all the desires you want to manifest cannot give you one or all of these seven feelings, you won't want them to manifest.

So, in the end what you are really trying to manifest is the experience of your SELF as peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, enthusiasm, bliss, and love (divinity).

Q9: So, we don't need the outer manifestation to experience these seven energies?

A house will give you joy, but it won't be the real joy. It will be a shadow joy. It will vanish in a few days.

Money will give you peace, but it won't be the real peace. It will will be a shadow peace. It will vanish in a few hours or days.

BUT, if the joy comes first and pulls into your universe the house, then the Higher Self as the energy of joy inside you has manifested the house.

This joy will stay and keep manifesting more and more things.

If the peace comes first and pulls into your universe the money, then the Higher Self as the energy of peace inside you has manifested the money.

This peace will stay and keep manifesting more and more things.

The material world (stone) cannot feed lasting foods (bread) to the soul. Your soul is made with energy and needs the seven energies to live.

You cannot keep trying to turn stones (material things) into bread (energy) to feed the soul and expect the soul to be satisfied. That is the way of the ego or Satan.

The ego wants to turn the house into joy, money into peace, and all other material things into foods for the soul. This is not the correct way. The correct way is AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT.

Because in the end, how good is it to win or manifest the entire material world and see your soul perish in shadows?

Q10: Where do I start making the shift so I could start manifesting from my Higher Self and wholeness?

You have already started. You have completed the first step.

Now you know that to manifest from who you are as the energy of the Higher Self or the energy of the Universe, which is the energy that creates worlds or all forms, is to manifest from a place of wholeness.

Your next step to manifest from a place of wholeness is to understand THE MAP.

You need to have a clear and precise, and step by step understanding of how the energy of your desire moves from WITHIN you into the universe (WITHOUT), and how the process of manifestation really works.

There should be no zone of confusion or superficial understanding about how the mechanism works. Because, any area of confusion left unclear will create doubt.

And there should be no wasted words trying to explain the process of manifestation. Too many words confuse the mind.

The explanation of the mechanism should be clear, easy, simple, and assimilated in less than thirty minutes of reading. And that's what THE MAP (pdf) is written for.

Inside THE MAP (pdf) you will have access to the following important and valuable items or assets that I want you to take advantage of:

SO FAR, you completed the STEP ONE of understanding the blockages to your manifestations.

Inside THE MAP (pdf), you will complete the STEP TWO which is understanding with absolute clarity and precision how the law of manifestation really works--the full mechanism. Everything will be explained to you in less than 30 minutes of reading.

Inside THE MAP (pdf), you will also see a coupon code that will give you a 25% discount to my entire eBooks Store.

By reading four or five of these eBooks (most of these eBooks could be read in 45 minutes or less), you will be able to exponentially raise your consciousness in less than a month to a powerful level of manifestation.

LASTLY, inside THE MAP (pdf), you will find a link to an exclusive audio recording.

This audio recording is the same that my students in my mysteries school listen to before they begin their class with me.

I would like for you to listen to that audio recording and see if it will give you more clarity about:

  1. Who you are,

  2. Your personal legend

And why it's important to learn how to read the signs of your life, interpret your dreams in order to reach your purpose in life. AND perhaps you may decide to become one of my students in the mysteries school.

Until then, enjoy THE MAP (pdf) by clicking on the download button.



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