Day#1: Spray Your Happiness

I don't know what you have been told up until this moment about who you are.

All I know is that you have some super-powers that they may have forgotten to mention to you.

One of your super-powers is to spray your own happiness.

You see, happiness is a meal for the soul. And it takes your super-powers to cook it on a daily basis and to serve it or spray it.

And in order to do that, you have to be able the do the following six things:

  1. Know your truth

  2. Bend Reality

  3. See a better world

  4. Create a better story

  5. Shift your perception

  6. Positively influence

All the six abilities, if you want to call them so, are your super-powers. They sound simple, but they are very powerful.

Yes, you heard me well. You have the super-power to bend reality (choose the way you want to see things) and shift your mood.

Once you begin to choose a healthy way to see things, you become what I call a TRUTH SEER.

Let me ask you a powerful question: Could you intentionally schedule yourself on your calendar to be happy from, for example, 8AM to 9AM no matter what happens or what comes your way?

Let me tell you: YOU CAN. You have a super-power to do that.

This power cannot be deleted or revoked by any human being on the planet--no matter how powerful that person may be. Because your source, the creator, gave you this power.

No one can take that power away from you unless you let them do that to you. And on this journey, you won't let them. That's right!

I am here to lead you to your super-powers. I have discovered and activated mine, and you get to hear my story on this journey.

Where do we start? You have to learn to SEE your truth.

YES, even if there is only one TRUTH, but seeing it from your own healthy perspective so it makes sense to you without having to judge anyone and make toxic assumptions is one of your greatest super-powers.

During this process I don't want you to rush anything.

I will guide you to see and work with only one truth a day. Just one. And watch your life being positively transformed right before your eyes. BUT, listen, you have to do your part.

It's not hard. It's not difficult. You simply have to be willing. Okay?

Seeing One TRUTH Today To Easily Stay In Your Happiest Mood For More Than 16 Hours. That's it.

Listen, not because some people can't do something it means you can't do it. Don't believe that foolishness. You are different.

We are going to take some steps and you will begin to see how powerful you are--BE WILLING.

Your willingness begins with you taking the time to read this teaching from start to finish and taking enough notes with the intention to apply what you've learned. Okay?

Here I will layout the exact steps you need to follow to create your own daily recipe to stay in your happiest mood for more than 16 hours.

Why is it important to stay in your happiest mood for more than 16 hours? It is important because of the health benefits it will give you, the relationship issues it has the power to help you dissolve, and the miracles it will bring into your life as if you have suddenly tapped into the secret of the universe to increase your good lucks or fortunes.

And the entire recipe could be summarized in four words: HONOR WHAT YOU WANT to live out your TRUTH. This is the secret recipe to true happiness, and we are about to dive into it.

Have you ever woken up with a high feeling of joy bubbling inside your heart and not knowing where it came from and wondered how you could keep it bubbling--and never lose it?

Sometimes this high feeling of joy can also sneak up on you out of nowhere. You are in the middle of an activity, then suddenly here it is.

And when it comes, it changes your entire way of seeing everything in your life in that moment. You feel light, free, and content.

It makes you not worry about anything. It brings you to a place where you can allow life to happen with total trust.

I believe most of us have experienced this mysterious joy but don't know how to keep it bubbling inside our heart. And often we end up losing it.

What most people don't realize is that you can keep that high feeling of joy which I am calling your happiest mood bubbling in the center of your chest, in the background of your emotional body for 16 hours or more--every day.

Oh, before I forget, let me tell you that I am planning a 14-Day Spray Your Happiness On The World CHALLENGE coming up. So, get on this exciting journey right now.

Okay, now let's get back on track with the upcoming days of creating your Happy Mood Recipe...LOL...I am just getting excited.

During these coming Days we will be learning together to create your recipe to keep your happiest mood for 16 hours or more.

I will share with you how I was able to maintain this state of Happiest Mood for many days and how it has completely changed my life for the better.

I suggest you always read the teaching or the recipe the night before so that you can plan the next day better on how to use the recipe.

My name is Alain Yaovi Mawuli Dagba or simply Alain Dagba. I am leading a movement of Truth Seers all around the globe.

I am a Spiritual Teacher. My mission is to help people see their own Truth--ONE TRUTH A DAY and live by it to create their own recipe to stay in their happiest mood for 16 hours or more.


  • They feel and are healthier

  • They gain faster clarity and ability to create solutions

  • They have better relationship experiences

  • Their finances improve through creative ideas

  • They are bolder and more confident

  • They are more magnetic & attractive

  • They feel more connected to God

  • They tend to get more luckier

  • They get things done with ease and flow

Just to name a few of the benefits. And 80% of these benefits are scientifically proven and backed up with experiments all over the world.

Now, let's get into it! Shall we?

What are you going to do today to start creating your recipe to stay in your happiest mood for 16 hours or more?

The first thing you need to know is that you must first TURN ON the happiest mood faucet inside your brain. This is where we begin.

So, for the next few DAYS we will do small activities to TURN ON the happiest mood faucet inside the brain. Once it's TURN ON, we will move ahead to create the recipe to keep it on. Fair enough?

Remember, if you can SEE your TRUTH, then you are a TRUTH SEER. And this is the journey I am taking you through.


  • STEP A

Take a piece of WHITE paper that you could easily fold and keep in your pocket or your wallet.

  • STEP B

Write the following statement on the piece of paper in blue ink exactly as it is below.

My TRUTH is the GOOD I want to experience. The facts are what life is presenting to me. BUT I CHOOSE TO SEE my TRUTH and STAY in my TRUTH.

  • STEP C

Now, fold that piece of paper and keep it in your pocket or your wallet. But before you do, Repeat the statement to yourself seven times whispering to your heart with your right hand placed upon the center of your chest in a sign of pledging allegiance (making a promise).

  • STEP D

Next, what you should do with the piece of paper during today's date. Set a timer to pull out the piece of paper and read it following the same exact instructions you followed the first time you wrote it and read it. Always read it seven times before you put it away. I call this your reading sessions. You must do three reading sessions a day. I recommend you keep three hours between each reading session.

  • STEP E

Lastly, during the day if any negative situation happens. Whether during the situation or after the situation happened, simply bring the mental picture of the piece of paper in mind and mentally read the statement with your eyes closed or opened seven times and let go.


  1. You are still learning to create the recipe

  2. Don't be expecting unrealistic changes

  3. Be patient with yourself and the practice

  4. Do your sessions and go about your life

  5. Don't be spying on the miracles

  6. Let the miracles unfold on themselves

  7. You can share your journey with close loved ones

  8. You can ask others to be on this journey with you

  9. You can even create an accountability group

  10. Don't skip a day (for maximum result)

  11. This is a journey of transformation

  12. Don't complain about the journey

  13. Each day has its own practice

  14. Do only one practice a day as instructed

We are done for today. Now, GO SPRAY YOUR HAPPINESS ON THE WORLD.