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Day#3: Spray Your Happiness

Manifest Happiness Challenge
Day 3 of Manifesting Your Happiness


Hello Happiness Sprayers, this is our third opportunity to blast our smile to bridge the gap between humans. Today your recipe and your challenge are all about making someone feel seen. In this world so many people feel invisible. And a simple compliment can change that. Enjoy the Challenge.


Our mission is to restore a heart connection between humans on the planet through our own happiness.


Blast The Smile . Bridge The Gap


Today, my heart feels flooded by the ocean of love as I compliment 3 people on their positive qualities.


The people you ought to compliment should be the people you already know. A spouse, a friend, children, parents, grandparents, co-workers, it does not matter.

While we are still here alive with each other, let us make each other feel seen.

There has to be a quality or some qualities you have noticed about these people. So, take a few minutes to choose "your" three people ahead of time.

Bring their images into your mind one by one and see yourself complimenting them on a quality or on these qualities. We can do this when they are still alive.

Humans want to know if they matter or still matter to others. A genuine heartfelt compliment can save someone's life.

You never know what people are going through. So, as you visualize yourself complimenting them on specific qualities, recall at what moment in your connection with them those qualities or that quality manifested.

IT'S IMPORTANT to add how their quality makes you feel. This is actually the most important part of the challenge.

Make it personal to you. And tell them your compliment mentally making sure you add how their quality makes your feel.

Smile while visualizing the process. A feeling will emerge from your heart. Catch and capture those feelings and translate them into a writing.

Then, call them to tell them. Be creative.

You can choose however way you want to communicate your heart to them through this compliment. But they have to hear your compliment today.

You have three people to compliment before they day ends.


To complete today's challenge, use the comment box below to spray your happiness on the world by sharing your positive testimonial about your experience. Don't be shy to write a long paragraph if you have to.



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