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Day#4: Spray Your Happiness

Manifest Happiness Challenge
Day 4 of Manifesting Your Happiness


Hello Happiness Sprayers, this is our fourth opportunity to blast our smile to bridge the gap between humans. Today your recipe and your challenge are all about seeing a gift in your pain, light in your darkness. This is an invitation to embrace every aspect of your life as a whole. Enjoy the Challenge.


Our mission is to restore a heart connection between humans on the planet through our own happiness.


Blast The Smile . Bridge The Gap


I sit today to write down from my recent pain only positive lessons to expand me as love.


We all go through pain in life. But we don't all see our pains as wrapped gifts.

Today, you are going to become a master at seeing light in your darkness.

Like the Persian Poet Rumi will say, "the wound is the place the light enters you." Today, you will see that light enter your soul.

The gift is the light and the light is the lesson.

The formula is very simple.

And you can unwrap every single pain in your life with this formula.

The recent pain could be from a year ago or a month ago or a day ago. It could even be a minute ago. It does not matter.

Don't say, "I am over that." Do the exercise anyway.

As a matter of fact, the formula is a single question embraced with humility because your own expansion into becoming more loving is more important than your need for apology.

Here is the formula in a single question: What did this pain pull out of me to see so I can wash it out of my soul to become more loving? That's it.

Example: If the pain caused you to become resentful, then they pain pulled out of you to see that there is a resentment inside you polluting your soul.

The pain is inviting you to purify your soul from that resentment so you could expand yourself into a more loving person.

If you embrace this truth with humility, the pain has become a bringer of a tremendous gift to expand yourself into love.

Our love is never fully authentic when we carry resentment in our soul.

After seeing all the gifts that recent pain has brought to you, write a letter of gratitude to the pain and read that letter to yourself in front of a mirror looking straight into your eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

EXAMPLE: Dear pain that came from_____ (name the source of the pain). Today, I am grateful to you because you showed me the gift of washing my soul from ____(name the toxic character). Thank you.


To complete today's challenge, use the comment box below to spray your happiness on the world by sharing your positive testimonial about your experience. Don't be shy to write a long paragraph if you have to.



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4 comentários

Khalia Dade
Khalia Dade
08 de jan. de 2023

This pain pulled out of me the ability to see that I have resentment, anger, and insecurity within me. This gift allows me to go to the edge of my glory by allowing the light to shine bright on the parts of me that are weak. Because of this I have an opportunity to accept God’s unconditional love; It is the love that brings contentment, joy, and assurance.

Alain Yaovi Dagba
Alain Yaovi Dagba
11 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

This is very powerful because that's exactly the purpose of the pain. To make us see the part of us that needs tor rise deeper into love.


Today I am happy that I learned My my pain. I think that It powerful to be able to look in the mirror and deal with your pain directly. I felt a sense of relief once I decided to be happy about my last experience. I was surprised because I thought dealt with my pain. I have leaned they sometimes you may have to forgive and decide to be grateful for pain over and over. today I forgive, today, I am happy for my life, the good and the “not so good.“ Today I let go.

Alain Yaovi Dagba
Alain Yaovi Dagba
11 de jan. de 2023
Respondendo a

I try my best to read your heart in the message and I saw it ❤️. This is totally beautiful.

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