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First of all, let me share something important with you about who you are: We humans are more powerful than we are often told.

And we are only found weak and feeble when we are found unprepared and with no resources to deal with our "problems".

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't you ever forget what you just read. You may even want to read it one more time.

Because no matter where you are at in your life right now, when you are well prepared, and when you have effective resources...

...resources that you are willing to use, you can face and challenge any problem and succeed. When we are prepared and when we are given enough resources prior to our "problems"... ...and when our awareness of these resources causes us to take actions, no challenge is too great to be defeated.

So, pay attention and take note because this is about you, your family, and our future as a whole. LET'S BEGIN

What will be your answer if I told you right now that about 80% of the "problems" we humans go through such as lack of peace of mind, emotional instability, physical health issues, and relationship conflicts are money-related--what will be your answer? YES or NO? Let's continue.

What you are about to READ is more than an article. You are about to be shown the root cause of any challenge you may be dealing with right now in your life.

AND maybe this is the answer you have been looking for. So, position yourself to pay close attention and take note.

Because in the end, I have a SOLUTION for you. So, stay focus. Clear your mind. And let's read on.


What if regardless of what people believe money is actually the secondary cause of the following issues?

People being more and more depressed, mental illnesses increasing, insomnia and nightmares becoming epidemic... Spouses having to work long hours away from each other, 8 to 10 hours a day sometimes, every single week, years after years... ...coming home each night or day tired and totally exhausted while preparing for the next day to do it all over again... ...until they lose their connection and chemistry [after 5 to 10 years]; or fall into unfaithfulness...THEN DIVORCE

Spouses not getting along, men feeling not respected, women feeling not valued, men feeling not listened to, women feeling not helped... Children sent to college to be on their own exactly at the time they are more vulnerable and needed guidance...

Children and teenagers being home without their parents (they are tirelessly working), staying on their electronic devices, falling into addictions, disconnecting from their soul, and becoming rebellious...THEN BECOME DEPRESSED Men and Women falling into pornography addiction, phone addiction, drinking addiction, drug addiction, and work addiction, to the point they don't even know how to be with themselves anymore... THEN BECOME RESENTFUL TOWARDS THEMSELVES, PEOPLE, LIFE AND GOD.

Now I have an important question for you because I have something important to show you now. PAY ATTENTION. Here is a question for you: Why do you go to work?

Before you continue reading, take a a few minutes to answer this question to yourself. PAUSE and DO IT. Don't miss the breakthrough here. OKAY? So do it.

WHY IS THIS COACHING IMPORTANT? To tell you more than wjat you already know or to confirm what you have been suspecting and lead you to freedom.

Why do you go to work? DO YOU HAVE THE ANSWER?

You probably answered to earn money, pay bills, feed your family, and if there is a little bit left over to put in your saving for small vacation times or what you call "raining days."

What I am about to show you here will save most of you many years of suffering and struggle the world's system (the matrix) has scheduled ahead of you. And sorry, they have designed this in a way that no religion or spiritual superstition is going to save you from the trap you are in.

So, please pay attention. Because you are going to need to heal your mind to make it out of the matrix. Religion as an organized institution is not designed to heal you. Spirituality does heal you. But they taught you to fear it. If religion was to heal, it will be taken to court for practicing medicine with no license. That's why after going to your religious gatherings you have to find therapists and doctors to heal you or put you on meds. Please understand that I am not attacking any institutions. I am simply revealing what you already know to some extent.

NOW BACK TO THE QUESTION: Why do you go to work? I can literally guess that the majority of you did not know that they have programmed you to go to work for the reasons you gave yourself as an answer. So, your answer is a program unless your mind is healed. Have you wondered why we have what they call:

  1. Lower Class

  2. Middle Class

  3. Upper Class

Have you ever wondered how are these classes are well monitored and why people in each class seem to have almost the same struggle? ...and are also given the same temporary solutions that does not solve their issues? There is a reason why you go to work, and there is a reason why you should go to work. How many of you were able to say that you are going to work so that you can earn money and use that money to become free.. TO FREE your time so you can have enough time to grow spiritually, to work on your health... enhance your chemistry with your significant other... ...and to establish a connection with your children... the world with them to create wonderful memories, and alleviate sufferings on the planet through philanthropic projects? ...fulfill your purpose and calling before you die. These are the reason you should go to work cited above. To turn what you earn into an investment for your freedom by using your job as your personal banking system. WHY MOST OF YOU DID NOT THINK THAT WAY? BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED NOT TO. Please, pay attention AND take note.

NEXT: If you think you have privacy in this world, please think again. And if you think you are in control of all your behaviors, think again and again.

Here is the shocking TRUTH: Most of you probably think that the classes (Lower Class, Middle Class, and Upper Class) are based on the amount of money people in each class are making right?

WRONG! That's another false program wired into your brain. They want you to think this way. I have some serious revelations now to give you. Pay attention. The people in each one of these classes are recognized and classified by their emotional reactions to problems based on their DNA coding. LISTEN... You can have so much money but still have financial anxiety. Where do you think that is coming from? THE TRUTH: According to the DNA coding you are still in the lower class. It's about time before you lose all your money. The financial anxiety is embedded in your DNA from your upbringing and from your parents genes...AND humans are better controlled when they have needs ESPECIALLY emotional needs.

I will RECOMMEND that after you finish reading this message, you take the financial DNA survey from the training my wife and I have created called CASHTEGRAM. What is happening in the world is not a financial crises as it appears on the surface. Please wake up. It's an emotional crises. And those who are going to make it are those who are emotionally prepared and have resources to manage their emotions in a healthy way. This is where we come. Do you know how many people and homes became emotionally toxic when COVID came and the shutdown was made effective?


...IF you grew up seeing your parents working to earn money so they can pay bills and keep foods on the table... ...part of you is programmed to fight against that dark past. And the more you fight it the more engraved the program becomes in your DNA. Some people call this condition a generational curse but they forget this is all about your genetics.

And THEY can see it through your behaviors online, the movies you watch, your shopping, and many other avenues we can't talk about here. Now, you can understand why we said that money could be the secondary cause of people's problems, not the first. The first cause could be your DNA tendencies. Please, pay attention. Even your phone is revealing those tendencies to the world. The phones you keep buying and changing and updating are becoming spies in your own pocket and homes.

Do you sometimes, out of nowhere become anxious, feeling like something bad is going to happen? WHERE DO YOU THINK THAT FEELING IS COMING FROM?

Have you noticed that in most families siblings cannot get along, they may even spend years without speaking to each other--for many reasons of course. Have you noticed that?


Do you sometimes feel like people are out there to get you, or manipulate you...

...or take something from you, or sell you something as if selling is evil, and for that reason...You put your guards on... become very skeptical and paranoid about almost everything and everyone...

...won't try anything new, keep doing what you are familiar with, wanting to stay away from people...

BUT choose to listen to people who can create more of the skepticism in you...

...procrastinating on anything that could potentially leads to your freedom and a more meaningful life, always self-sabotaging yourself...

...turning down opportunities, seeing compliments and people's kindness as a trap, and constantly afraid while at the same time feeling abandoned and lonely?


THE TRUTH: They are all coming from your DNA and they know that and will capitalize on that. Your emotions are everything.

The absence of money or the abundance of money JUST MAKE THESE TOXIC EMOTIONS MORE POWERFUL ARMIES OF DEMONS inside your own body.

In 2020 when the Corona Virus hit the world, we were able to help so many people with a special program we have designed for them to use on their own at home in order to keep their emotions healthy. Money is not the issue. What the lack of money or the abundance of it is activating in people's DNA is the REAL PROBLEM. Right now, every idea of community and people coming together is under attack by our own fears planted inside our DNA. . This is the work of the antichrist well crafted at all levels. They train you well to be afraid of each other and to be afraid of losing your salvation and freedom... suspect each other, fear being part of a cult while you have already been initiated to many cults on your own phone without knowing. This program we have created in 2020 was a simple series of recordings people have to listen to in the morning and in the evening to keep themselves emotionally grounded. AND IT WORKED!!! We sold the program for two hundred and fifty dollars I believe--a piece, then for one hundred and seventy five a piece..,And many people who bought the program and experienced it saw how valuable and powerful it is.


  1. You keep going to school for more education

  2. You keep saying YES to the same types of relationships

  3. You can't keep good friendships for a long time

  4. You can't take action towards your goals

  5. You can't trust anyone or yourself

  6. You can't stop negative thoughts & doubt

  7. You want to please everyone

  8. You worry about what people think of you

Some of you it's hard for you to spend money. Each time you have to spend money you have anxiety, Some of you take care of and invest in your devices, cars, and your possessions with no anxiety...BUT when it comes to investing in your wellness and wellbeing, you believe it should not cost you anything. These are all tendencies trapped in your DNA and the Social Classes are built on the subconscious suggestions of human's DNA behaviors. I WANT TO HELP YOU...BUT NOT WITHOUT YOU.

We channeled the program we were speaking of earlier to help people with these exact DNA issues we are talking about here. And this is the solution we have for you. We humans are more powerful than we are often told... ..and we are found weak and feeble only when we are found unprepared and with no resources to deal with our "problems". BUT when we are prepared and when we are given enough resources prior to our challenges...WE CAN SUCCEED. At the end of this message, you are going to be given an opportunity to own that same program for life and for FREE. BUT, it will cost you at least a small investment. It has to. An investment of time, energy, and kindness.

The Program is called AURAGRAM and I am giving it away for FREE in addition to the FREE email coaching through your usage of the program.

THE PROGRAM is a Relaxing & Healing Series of Meditations to Rewire your brain and unleash the God's Frequency of Love (Enthusiasm = Theos (Greek) inspired or possessed by God) inside your DNA and body cells in just a few days.


Some people buy diet pills and don't use them.

Some people buy weight loss programs and don't try them.

Some people buy Gym Membership and remains fat (They don't even go to the Gym)

Some people buy books and can't read them from cover to cover.

Don't think these are normal behaviors. So, if you know that you are not a committed person and you are not willing to change, DO NOT start this email coaching program.

BUT remember that your issue has nothing to do with laziness. This is a condition at the DNA level.

To make sure you use the program...and don't waste our gift and see the real value of the gift...

,,,we have set in place an email accountability coaching system for those of you who will take a small survey to request access to claim this offer.


With one time donation to our non-profit foundation, we will set in place an email coaching system with you and guide you through the program with small accountability actions till the end.

Share this opportunity with your friends and loved ones. Don't keep this gift to yourself.

Now, the choice is yours.

If you are interested...use the link below to send us the answers to the survey. Keep in mind that you will be directly coached via email by Spiritual Teacher Alain Dagba.


  1. To believe in yourself

  2. To feel confident and capable of great things

  3. To stop negative thoughts from controlling you

  4. To shift your own energy

  5. To go after your goals and check them "done"

  6. To meditate and quiet your mind

  7. To create your own success and much more IMAGINE! Now, take action.

This offer won't be available for a long time. We want to use this opportunity to empower people to finish the year 2023 on a good note and begin the new year 2024 with positive results and manifestations.


SO THIS IS WHAT YOU WILL GET...after being accepted into the email coaching program.

You will get the full audio recording program for FREE ($250+ value). You will get the nine FREE Sessions of Email Accountability Coaching ($900 value)

AND when you finish the main portion of the program in one week or less, you get to join a FREE additional video call with the two of us (Alain & Danielle) to celebrate your victory and success with a bonus session of our famous Silence Writing Meditation.

I am looking forward to leading you into the self and the life of FREEDOM you have always wanted. Use the link below to send in the reply to your survey.


Much Love,

Alain Dagba


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