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HOT TOPICS - issue#1


Maybe somewhere you were made to believe that having self-confidence was a natural thing that every soul possesses.

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The following ways are the proven and practical "tools" to make sure you miss opportunities in your life.

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GREAT COMMENTS on Day#1: Daily Happiness Challenge. Be inspired to join the movement and spray your happiness in the world.

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How many of us if God were to give us a staff--as HE did for Moses--to solve most of our problems will feel a little more confident about who we are and life in general?

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Once upon a time, there were two birds, Tarik and Takir. Both Tarik and Takir worked for a mother bird, as she was called, gathering grains for 10 years.

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Never accept toxic emotions and feelings as points of reference in the way you define yourself and how you choose to live your life.


PS: New Audio Published - Available For Purchase Inside The Blogpost

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