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Manifest With Abundance Activation

Abundance manifests through self-acceptance
When you reject yourself, you reject abundance

C. G. Jung said" "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." My wife and I have experienced the veracity of this quote in all aspects of our lives.

Are you fully aware of the unconscious behaviors and patterns that are sabotaging your right to abundance? If this is something you want to know, then keep reading.

A few decades ago, we thought our lack of abundance of joy, peace of mind, creativity, love, money, and manifestation of our dearest desires was a matter of bad luck or fate.

Here is the truth you never want to forget: Until you study yourself and detect the patterns that are unconsciously blocking your right to abundance, you will remain trapped in lack and limitations created by superstitions and false assumptions.

What you are about to learn is going to enhance your level of awareness and begin to show you the unconscious behaviors that could be blocking your right to abundance--especially financial abundance.

In order to make our unconscious blockages to money abundance conscious, we've decided to observe [for 3 months] our behaviors, thought-suggestions, feelings, and tendencies about money.

We took time to observe ourselves in four major areas regarding money and our relationship to it.

These four areas are listed below:

  1. Earning

  2. Spending

  3. Budgeting

  4. Investing

In this message, I am going to share with you a link to the entire data we have collected from our experience and experiment to help you detect your own subconscious blockages.


After our experiment and experience, we have detected a large number of false beliefs accumulated from our Childhood and the society that have placed a subconscious huge cap on how much money we could allow ourselves to make without feeling uncomfortable.


The experience and experiment have revealed that there are four major programs running in our unconscious that were dictating how we spent our money. In truth, we were literally sabotaging ourselves into lack and poverty by spending according to what those four programs suggest to our mind. We were clueless.


We thought we were budgeting until we realized that instant gratification was controlling our emotions. Part of us wanted to have revenge on our poor upbringing and was resisting the energy of lack we grew up in. What you are energetically pushing away is slowly becoming part of your deepest vibration. That was the exact unconscious program that was causing holes in our finances through instant gratification.


I personally was born into wealth. But the later part of my dad's life fell into financial struggles. So, what my wife and I noticed is that we were working to pay bills and to eat.

PS: What that last sentence means is that we were not working to invest the money we earned to generate more money. For some reasons the program in the DNA convinced us somehow that we could become wealthy by working for someone day and night for the rest of our lives.


Once we noticed these self-sabotaging programs, we started to create a list of questions to survey ourselves.

We knew one day, someone else or a group of people would need what we were doing. So, we took time to create this survey to test ourselves.

From the limiting programs that were creating holes in our finances, we derived some specific questions.

After creating the survey with these questions, we went ahead and honestly and truthfully took the survey individually to see how many "YES" we will score.


After answering the questions on the survey, the number of "YES" was overwhelming, which means we have a serious poverty mindset as well as tendencies programmed into our DNA from our upbringing and society.

Then we went on to design a technology to eradicate these poverty programs and tendencies. The result was unbelievable.

Do you know what all these poverty programs and tendencies happened to be: Our Self-Image.

It was to us a groundbreaking discovery after being at this second stage of our experiment for a entire year.

Our goal was very simple:

  1. Eliminate the cycle of financial struggle

  2. Have peace of mind

  3. Buy what we really want, not what we must

  4. Create a generational wealth for our grandkids and great grandkids

  5. Teach our own children a clear map to achieve wealth

  6. Alleviate suffering in the world

After seeing the core of the issue being our self-image at the DNA level, for another two years we have applied lessons learned from seminars. books, courses we have invested in.


By putting all the knowledge and data together, we created a system to help ourselves. We called it cashtegram.

One thing we have noticed is that this knowledge we have gathered was not new knowledge.

They were right in front of us but we could not see them. And do you know why? Because we have not made the unconscious conscious.


If what I have shared here speaks to you in any way, I will tell you to start with the survey.

You must make the unconscious conscious. It's true that parts of us do not like to face the truth.

But remember that what you will discover during the survey is not the truth. It's a fact. Once you awaken or activate the truth, the fact must change. It's LAW.

The truth is you are a child of God, and you are designed to be wealthy with the right to enter the abundant life.

By going through the cashtegram survey you will begin to activate your abundance DNA because you are making the unconscious blockages become conscious.

Today, we are comfortable with what we have, but we are not totally where we want to be yet. We are working for ourselves and have not been employed for 24 years going into forever.

Here is our vision: We want to build empires of wealth not just for our children but for many people to help alleviate the sufferings this world is going through.

If you live only for what you will eat, drink, and wear, and where you will sleep, it will never fulfill you. Wealth is an invitation to help others become creators of their own wealth by being an example of love to them.

In the end, you will realize that wealth is all about buying time.

You will realize that time is actually more expensive than money.

This is because time is expensive and expansive at the same time and money cannot be both.

Money is your assistant.

Money facilitates how you spend your time to make it valuable and meaningful in this world.

Money allows you to create a life based on good values and quality.

And you are not too old or too young to create wealth. But you have to start taking some action. Okay?


I have included for you here the link to the entire survey to make the unconscious conscious to start activating your abundance DNA.


When you are done with the survey and would like to speak with us and share your survey score with us to see in what way we could assist you in activating your own financial abundance DNA, do not hesitate at all.

BECAUSE God has written the code of wealth into your DNA. It's just covered by false programing.

Until next message,

Much Love,

Alain Dagba




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