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How To Apply Forgiveness To Keep Manifesting Love

You are keeping your good from manifesting by holding evil in your heart
Forgiveness attract love again and again

What you are about to read has a tremendous power to release you from any energy of resentment you may have trapped inside your body, either toward yourself, someone, life, God, or your past.

I have used this wisdom to forgive with grace time and time again. It never failed me. I have taught it to many people, and the result is simply powerful and consistent.

By the time you are done reading this message, you will have a clearer understanding of what forgiveness really is and how beautiful it is to experience it for yourself--I even dare to say easy to experience it for yourself.

Here is the truth you never want to forget: For anything to work in life, you must follow the principles that make it work--no matter what it is.

I have used and still use three (3) principles to make things work in my life. I will now share them with you.

If you use these principles properly and apply them to any situation, you will get the expected result.

And it won't be long before you too, by experiment and experience will agree with me that indeed these three principles are powerful, unfailable, and infallible.

Here are the Key Words in these three principles:

  1. Nature

  2. Love

  3. Willingness

Now, let's unfold the principles each key word reveals and let's use them together to unleash the power to forgive.


What is true of nature in one dimension of life, is true of nature in all dimensions of life. If you look deep and close enough you will find it.


If you intensely desire to accept and express yourself as love in a form of kindness toward yourself, people, and the rest of the creation, you will be one of the happiest souls on earth.


If you are willing to apply what is true of nature in one dimension of life to express your own nature as love in a form of kindness no matter who did what or what happened, you will find healing and prosperity in everything you do.


Now, if you use these three principles as I am about to teach you, almost nothing on this planet will be impossible for you to achieve.

BUT for now, let's use them to unleash the beautiful energy of forgiveness. Forgiveness is our focus for now.

Keep in mind that all three principles are connected and you must use all of them each time--no matter what it is that you want to achieve. And you will meet with success each time.

Now, let's achieve forgiveness.


If it is true of nature that a magnifying glass can harvest the rays of the sun to turn the photons into high heat and burn a piece of paper, then it must be true of nature in other dimensions of life--even the human dimension of life.

There are five dimensions of life I know of therefore five expressions of nature though they all part of ONE NATURE.

  1. The mineral life that supplies the mineral nature

  2. The plant life that supplies the plant nature

  3. The animal life that supplies the animal nature

  4. The human life that supplies the human nature

  5. The divine life that supplies the divine nature

If it is true of nature that a magnifying glass can harvest the rays of the sun to turn the photons into high heat and burn a piece of paper, then it must be true of nature in other dimensions of life.

It's absolutely true of you to use your attention as a magnifying glass, and harvest powerful divine ideas into a high intense energy of kindness and burn away any toxic energy trapped inside your emotional body and physical body.


If it is true that by digging deep into the earth, men and women searching for gold end up finding gold... is absolutely true of you that by digging into your soul with many blows of intentional kindness, you will unfailably unleash the greatest energy on the planet known as LOVE from your heart to convert all toxic energies into LOVE.


If you are willing to apply what is true of nature in one dimension of life to express your own nature as love in a form of kindness no matter who did what or what happened, you will find healing and prosperity in everything you do.

If you are willing to use your attention as a magnifying glass to harvest powerful divine ideas to express many blows of kindness within your mind until the energy of kindness is hot enough to burn away the toxic energy of resentment...

...the golden liquid of LOVE will gush forth out of your heart and your entire being will be soaked in love. As a result, you will find healing and prosperity in everything you do.


Before we begin, all I need from you is to agree to the following three propositions: Please, only answer with YES or NO.

First Proposition

Are you willing to heal and experience prosperity through forgiveness for the rest of your life? YES/NO

Second Proposition

Are you willing to focus your attention on what is kind until your entire being is flooded with the energy of love? YES/NO

Third Proposition

Are you willing to keep digging/focusing your energy of kindness over and over again like a gold digger will persevere until the gold of love is found? YES/NO

REMEMBER, there is a reason why the magnifying glass does not immediately burn away the paper. Within and between the magnifying glass and within the paper there are invisible particles that offer resistance. It's normal.

So, it takes focusing the magnifying glass long enough to get through all the resistance to finally burn the paper.



Pick ONE event that happened to you that has caused you to resent someone or yourself. One event at a time, please.


Make a list of the people involved including yourself. It must be the people or the person you are resenting.


Close your eyes and bring the image of one of them into your mind and stare into his or her eyes for 5 minutes. (Set a timer).

Listen to your body while doing this.

PS: You should start feeling discomfort at the center of your chest and other parts of your body. That will be the energy of resentment trapped inside your body showing up.

Do not recall the event.

Simply stare into the person's eyes. Do not engage a conversation.

PS: You can use a real picture of the person to help your imagination.

After 5 minutes, take a deep breath in and exhale.


Right after, close your eyes and count from 10 to 0 to relax your body and bring your attention inward using your breath.

Count only using your beath. One slow inhalation and slow exhalation is one count.

Do it until you are relaxed once you reach 0 (zero).

Set the timer on 5 minutes and begin the healing session.

The Healing Session Begins

Bring into your mind a scenery of a place you have been that you liked a lot. It could be any place. A place that invokes so much joy in your heart.

Bring yourself and the person to forgive into the scenery.

In the scenery you are hugging each other.


Use your imaginary senses to feel the person's body against yours and to hear yourself whispering into the person's right ear the following words: "I have made the decision to heal and prosper. And I want to share this healing and prosperity with you. (Memorize the statement before you start.

Make sure you also whisper simultaneously using your real lips and words during this portion.

MAGNIFYING GLASS HARVESTING AND FOCUSING SUNLIGHT Erase the scene after each whispering statement into the person's right ear and reconstructed the scene again.

Once you reconstruct the scene, repeat the healing session over and over again like a gold digger uses his or her tool to remove dirt (resistance) out of his or her way.

Just like the magnifying glass meets resistance before the heat makes it through the paper...

...the gold digger also meets resistance (dirt) before reaching the gold. It's normal. If it's true of nature in both cases, it will be true of nature with you.


Keep erasing the scene after each statement whispered and reconstructing it each time. Be relaxed. This is an art.

Stay in the practice until the timer goes off (5 minutes)

After the timer goes off, count your attention out of your deep awareness using your breath (only your breath as you did in the beginning) from zero to ten.

When you reach ten, gently open your eyes, stay still for 5 minutes, drink a glass of water, and go about your day.

Do this practice early in the morning and at noon. Twice a day is very effective. I do not recommend that you do it at night.

It's important that your body has fresh energy to do it, not when they day is almost over and you are tired.

The entire practice should last for 14 days straight.

Do not skip a day.

If you skip a day start over.

Because your brain needs a daily session to maintain the compounding power of the healing energy.

IF YOU WANT TO GET A MUCH MORE DEEPER understanding of forgiveness and why resentment could become a source of other pains and problems in life, I recommend you invest $11.99 in yourself to download my fully illustrated eBook titled: FORGIVENESS

The eBook will give you a deeper revelation of the beauty of forgiveness, and how part of the events that caused you to resent is actually integrated in your earthly calling.

I am believing in a healed humanity. I am believing in you. I am believing in the return of the planet into the arms of love.

I am believing in our collective effort to heal individually, not because we endorse evil, but because want love to prevail.

I am glad you took your time to read this message. If you have not yet subscribed to the blog, make sure you do. Remember to spray your happiness on the world.

Click on the image of the eBook or Click Here to purchase.

Until next time, leave me a comment about how your healing sessions went. I would love to hear about your testimonials.

Much Love,

Alain Dagba



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