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How To Manifest Ease & Flow

We all probably have in our lives someone who seems to succeed almost at anything with ease and flow.

BUT we also have in our lives people who struggle to manifest their desires and ended up giving up.

We also know people to seem to deal with life challenges with ease and flow and find the solutions to their problems.

BUT we also know people who seem to be dealing with the same problems for the longest time and failed many times at solving them.

But life sometimes presents us with surprising stories in which those who were once kings and queens become beggars...

...and those who were once beggars become kings and queens. Is life trying to take turn to reward us according to a map we are not aware of?

Hi, my name is Alain Yaovi Mawuli Dagba or Alain Dagba for short. I am a spiritual teacher and a healer; and my purpose is to assist souls in awakening and experiencing themselves as happiness.

Growing up in West Africa as a child, I have always been intrigued by what makes people happy and what makes some people luckier than others.

To me back then "being lucky" and "being happy", both meant the same. But later on in life, I realized that happiness is a luck we create for ourselves.

I remember being born into wealth. As a child I witnessed my father manage many businesses. Then in my teenage years I have also witnessed him lose all his wealth.

My interest in knowing the secret to creating our own happiness brought me to who I am today as a spiritual teacher and healer.

The journey has not been an easy one. I have experienced a lot of confusions especially from religious doctrines in comparison to what real spiritual experiences felt like--at least to me.

But I have discovered certain things that I believe will interest you. And one of these things is how to manifest ease and flow.

Most of us want to manifest "things". How about manifesting ease and flow? To me that's one of the most beautiful things to manifest.

If you learn to manifest east and flow, you can manifest with ease and flow. "Ease and flow" has another name: GRACE.

The greatest secret about manifesting ease and flow is to know the music of life.

The music of life cannot be heard with your ears. The music of life can only be seen. You have to see it to understand it.

Let me ask you: Had there been moment in your life when you felt down, lack of energy, or empty of any motivation?

If your answer is YES, then you were experiencing the downward movement of life.

You probably thought--as I used to--that there got to be something for you to fix or do better--right?

That's exactly where we no longer dance at the music of life; by always seeing something wrong and trying to fix it.

When life is taking a downward movement, never forget that you are still in the flow. Just because the music is going down does not mean you are out of rhythm.

You get yourself out of the rhythm by thinking you are out of rhythm. The truth is while to music of life is moving down, you are still part of its sound. Learn to embrace it and flow with it.

The music of life also have an upward movement. Have you ever experienced a jolt of energy taking over you almost out of nowhere?

You wake up with a happy song playing in your head also everyday; people seem to send you gifts, you are receiving compliments from strangers...

...your desires seem to fall into place, your creativity is on point and ideas just seem to flow, and you feel magnetic and started to connect to new people and meeting new friends, and so forth.

This is the upward movement of life. It forms a perfect circle of cycle with the downward movement of life.

The best way to see this music of life is to imagine it like the shape of a mountain revealing its top and its valley.

I found the above picture on Instagram. And the lesson I have for you here is to be your own best and real friend during the upward movement of life and during the downward movement of life.

Like the picture is showing, during the downward movement of life most people feel lonely and unsupported. They need friends.

But it's hard to attract good and real friends when we can't be one for ourselves.

During the upward movement of life, learn to dance with the music.

During the downward movement of life, learn to rest from dancing and enjoy the music still playing.

I truly believe that mountains are there to remind us of the music of life and how it flows. Even our heartbeats describe the same shape of the music of life.

Being able to accept both the upward and the downward movement of life is to embrace the path of least emotional resistance. And this is where the magic begins to happen and take place.

Remember that the circle of life does not have to look like a circle. It's our constant experience of the recurring upward and downward movement of life that makes the circle.

Being able to experience life as it comes and goes, just like your breath, without trying to force the downward side of it to become upward, is to become a flow yourself.

When you become a real flow, everything flows in you, around you, for you, with you, through you, and toward you. This is manifesting ease and flow.

This, I believe is the highest principle of living. For those who follow this principle, the idea of working hard ceases and the concept of embracing the energy that has the power to create through them becomes more potent and emotionally eligible for their success.

The truth is what you really want is to be happy, to be free, and to live a life of significance.

One day you were born, you were cared for, you grew up, you saw how people lived, you learned what you needed to learn, and you continue to learn.

You have dreams, visions, and you are trying your best to understand yourself and how this social setting in the three dimensional world works.

Sometimes you feel like you can understand. Other times you feel confused again. It's all right.

Embrace it all and allow life to flow as it wishes so it may allow things to flow into your life as you wish them to.

Your greatest wish is to be happy. Isn't it? Then this is what you must allow to flow into your life through your heart.

You want to live a life that is meaningful and full of good memories and fulfillment because you are also helping others live a happier life.

You also want to be YOU and authentically live from a place of your truth without pretending, because you are happy with who you are and what you are.

Well, if this is what you want, let me just tell you that I am happy for you. I am excited for you because I am about to share with you a simple principle you can begin to utilize to see a shift in your way of manifesting the life you desire.

Now, let's talk about manifesting with ease and flow.

I remember struggling with manifesting with ease and flow; and always asking myself what could be the blockage.

I was fighting against the downward movement of life. I was doing what I call "fighting a battle that only you can see."

Because the truth is life was definitely not trying to fight me. I was doing the fight all alone because I was resisting the downward movement of life.

My ego has convinced me for years to see the downward movement of life as something not being right, that I needed to fix something I was doing wrong.

I believe the universe is designed by God as a living group of physical and spiritual laws that work inside our body, through our body, and outside our body.

By fighting these laws, we fight against ourselves.

I also knew about faith, affirmations, meditations, worshipping, intention, high vibration, and anything in between you could think of.

I have seen the example of Jesus. How he manifested with speed and how he speaks about faith, inspiring us to understand that by having even the smallest amount of faith we could move mountains...

...and even speak to the elements of the universe such as trees, storms, mountains and so forth--as he himself did, and they shall obey us.

I saw in scripture how sicknesses and dark energies or demons fled at the command of spoken words of spiritual authority, leaving people free.

So, I already knew all these were possible and have actually performed some of these miracles myself on people.

But, when it came to manifesting the life of freedom of time that I needed which is attached to financial freedom, there seem to be blockages on the mental plane, emotional plane, and physical plane until I discovered what I am about to share with you.

What I first noticed was the fact that I did not have a full and clear understanding about how the law of manifestation operates.

I thought I knew.

But some subconscious religious beliefs about prayer and material possessions where opposing my ability to manifest with ease and flow.

So, I went to work to remove those religious limiting beliefs using a spiritual technique I channeled in prayer which I later on published under the title: Auragram.

Next, I realized that I was not really clear on what I wanted. Again, I thought I knew. It took me several months to come up with a clear intention and desire about what I really want.

The blockage was the fact that I did not know what I wanted to be. I knew who I was, but not what I am.

It was an identity crisis I have to heal. Why? Because not knowing what you are, there is no one inside your brain to know what he or she wants.

What you want has to always come from what you are through who you are. The concept you hold about yourself which is how you feel about yourself is the creator of your life.

So, I channeled again in meditation another formula to decipher my clear identity during this incarnation and make it solid to my mind and body.

By removing the religious blockages and solving my identity issue, I started to feel more confident, lighter, stronger in my conviction and ability to create the life of freedom that I wanted for myself, my wife, my children.

But I did not stop there. The major breakthrough came about when I started to see clearly what I really wanted.

Now that I knew the difference between who I am and what I am, bringing both together unleashed within me a serious level of harmony where I could hear my own voice telling me the things I needed to know.

This harmony within me led to the feeling of flow. I started to feel as though someone else was on the wheel of my life driving me to my clear destination. In truth there was, and that person is my true self or Higher Self.

Then I went even far to see another blockage. The least expected. My environment and my habits were not matching who I am, what I wanted to be, and what I wanted to manifest.

Notice that I said my environment and my habits.

Listen, when you start to work on these two slowly but surely, making sure they match the ultimate desire you want, you will be amazed to see how connected you will feel with the laws of the universe.

You will start feeling a certain kind of joy in your heart, right at the center of your chest, a subtle joy that has no reason from any outside situation. It is just there.

That joy is telling you that you are connected to God, the laws of the universe, and to the music of life.

Listen, a lot of people think that manifesting is about using the universe. That's a very dangerous approach.

The laws of the universe are in every fabric of creation and are embedded in every single particle that make up your body and the elements of the universe.

Trying to manipulate the universe to give you things is working against the particles that make up your own body.

Manifesting is about co-creating and to co-create means to work together with the universe; and it's a beautiful thing.

So, If you have been struggling with manifesting with ease and flow, remember that it start with manifesting ease and flow.

But before we recap, let me run a small test on you.

READ THE QUESTION BELOW and watch your energy when you try to answer: If you could only attract what you love, would you be comfortable to say you love money?

HOW DID YOU FEEL? Did you feel any opposing thoughts? Well, that could be a religious belief that came up for you to remove.

Now, let's recap.


To get to where I am today with the ability to manifest with ease and flow, I've learned to manifest ease and flow also known as grace.


I used to struggle with manifestation because I did not understand how the entire process of manifestation works. Once I've learned the map, I became more confident.


I used to resist the downward movement of life not knowing that I was fighting against the natural cosmic order of things.


Once I've learned to flow with the downward movement of life, I started to enjoy the process of manifestation with a lot of patience.


Through this learning journey I was able to create and publish the map to help others understand with an unprecedented absolute clarity how the process of manifestation word.


Through this learning journey still, I was able to create an entire course named auragram; on how to sync one's energy with the light-particles of the universe (the body of God) to experience the true meaning of divine love which often manifests ITself as grace in everything we do.

Dear friends, I believe this message has served you well. I would like to hear from you. Use the comment box below to share how this message has positively impacted you.

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