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How To Miss The Opportunities You Seek To Manifest

Manifest by seeing opportunities
Sometimes what you want to manifest has been there

The following ways are the proven and practical "tools" to make sure you miss opportunities in your life.

If you want to stay in the same place, playing it safe, feeling cozy, scared to fail, unhappy, and unfulfilled, then follow these proven practical ways to miss opportunities.


The first way to miss opportunities is this: Keep on googling everything instead of looking for ways to talk to real people, ask questions, and make intelligent decisions.

Whenever an opportunity is presented to you, keep asking for links to do "research" which is actually a search.

A research is a serious scientific approach with tools and hours of teamwork to arrive at a sound conclusion after multiple experiments.

I don't think you do a research. You do a search and you believe everything you see online. And in truth what you believe is the reflection of who you are.

Even if you read twenty reviews and three are negative, if you are a negative person, you will base your decision on those three negative reviews. So, your choice is who you are.

If you are a positive person, you will make your decision based on the positive reviews. Here again is the proof that you are only choosing who you are.

These are all subconscious.


If you want to miss opportunities, definitely keep avoiding people. Whenever you are invited somewhere, find excuses not to go because people are going to be there.

Make sure you keep hiding, playing hide-and-seek with your luck, pretending to be okay but always finding the perfect reasons not to connect to people.


If you want to miss opportunities, keep making your decisions based on someone else's experience.

Keep believing that if someone failed at something it automatically means you too will fail--because you believe they are better than you.

So, make sure you don't even try, or ask for help from those who have succeeded doing the same thing your buddy or friend has failed at.


You want to miss opportunities? Okay! Here is an important one. Keep listening to people who are also skeptical like you.

Keep taking their opinions for advices. And continue to base your life-time-decisions on their opinions because you like them.

Each time they heard of something new, they quickly have to call it a scam without a single proof to validate their claim. And you believe them. So, continue to do so.

So, make sure you keep hanging around them and you keep listening to them; asking them to tell you what they think instead of asking those who have actually succeeded at what you desire to do.

But remember, you deserve to have the same life as the people you listen to.


If you want to miss opportunities, don't invest in your personal growth and resources that will positively change your life.

Make sure you are always looking for shortcuts and cheap staff, or anything you can access for free.

Keep spending your money on things that won't transform your mind and make sure you keep avoiding investing money on things that will make you a better person.

Whenever an opportunity is presented to you, instead of asking questions to learn more about it, keep asking "how much is it" so you can talk yourself out of exploring it under the pretext that it's too expensive and you have no money.


You want to miss opportunities? Very easy. Don't go to places where high quality people are. Keep feeling like you are not good enough to be there or to go there. So stay in your comfort zone.

Oh, and keep watching TV and scrolling on social media hanging out with fake friends showing their fake lives.

Make sure when a very unfamiliar opportunity to grow and make income is presented to you, you keep listening to that first thought that says that your "people" will laugh at you.

So, since their behavior is more important than building your life, keep on quitting on yourself and turning down opportunities to please them.

But remember, very soon life is going to demand you for an account. None of them will be there to see what you will go through.


If you want to miss opportunities, then keep believing that someone or a group of people are out there trying to get your money.

BUT remember that no one is asking you to bring your wallet anywhere except the ghost in your head that is convincing you that people are actually going to take your money even without your wallet.

Keep ignoring the fact that to have a country, a nation, a society, there has to be people selling goods to meet people's need.

Because if you knew this, you won't be going around avoiding people who are offering you opportunities to buy.


If you want to miss opportunities to increase your income and become financially independent, make sure you don't read.

This is a very effective one. Don't read a single book on how money works and who you need to become mindset wise in order to better your relationship with money.

Keep believing that success will come and attack you by surprise, or that God will give you money and make you successful.

The God you are waiting on is the one sending you opportunities and you choose to put to sleep the God inside you that should explore those opportunities.

If you want to make sure you die without leaving a generational wealth behind, then make sure you don't become an entrepreneur.

Keep believing that your regular job will take care of you financially all your life.

Don't have a mentor.

Don't take risks.

Don't be willing to learn from an actual human being.

Keep getting into debt by overschooling yourself under the pretext that you are feeling bored and don't know what else to do with yourself.

So, here you have it. Apply these ways or tools, and you will definitely miss a lot of opportunities.


Oh one more. Keep referring to your bad experiences of the past when it's time to make new decisions.

The moment you notice an opportunity presenting a similarity with something you've done before or heard of, be quick to judge them being the same--even though they are not--so you get enough reasons not to ask questions and explore.

And if you ask questions, make sure they are questions that will help you become more skeptical.

Don't ask questions that will enlighten you.

Ask skeptical and double-minded-oriented-questions in the attempt to find something wrong. And something wrong your mind will surely give you. It's very good at that.


You want to miss more financial opportunities, then keep wondering, "am I going to sell something?"

If the answer is YES, then quickly turn down the opportunity because you are way better than a salesperson--but remember that you are always buying.

A quick question: What type of person do you know could become successful financially without having to sell something?

So, since that person does not exist, you have an opportunity to become an exception to the rule.

So, my friend, enjoy missing opportunities as life is passing you by.

Spend your days eating, drinking, going to work, sleeping, watching TV, scrolling on social media, getting a house, a dog, a spouse, popping children, use all the toilets on the planet, and then one day die.


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