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Manifest By Removing Strange Energies

Strange energies from other people
Not every energy you feel is yours.

Who do you associate with? What is their vision? Where are they heading? How are their interactions with the laws of the universe?

What is their soul agenda?

What type of curriculum are they following?

Listen, everyone is building a kingdom whether they know this or not. And there are only two types of kingdoms: Light and Darkness.

By darkness I mean the performance of "evil" which is the result of mental corruption and self-deception.

So, which soil have you planted yourself in?

Your association is an energy body, and you are an integrated cell of it. An energy body is a mystical body.

The Bible speaks of the Body of Christ.

This is not a physical body. We all are part of a mystical body in some shapes or forms.

I once heard someone on GAIAtv call this mystical body: Egregor.

It's like a mystical body that everyone in your association is part of and that is controlling all the parts at the same time.

It's like a central server and you each are like a computer hooked to it. Whatever someone sends into the server is distributed to everyone's subconscious mind.

Being part of an association or forming a group of "friendship" is not something to play with. Listen, you are a spiritual being of love.

Find people who care for three things: The Healing of their soul, The evolution of their soul, and the healing and evolution of the planet.

These are the right associations of light to have at one point in your life. Because all the entertainments, immoralities, addictive pleasures, and seductions in the 3D world can corrupt your soul.

If you are close to some people and for some reason you start having some unusually heavy and uncomfortable feelings...

... Feeling sad for no reason, or not motivated, or having weird temptations and cravings for some foods you never liked to eat, you are being fed data from the mystical body you formed with them.

And sometimes you could also be the issue.

Many people have found great associations but could not integrate them fully because of past pains and unhealed wounds.

A family is also a mystical body. And most generational curses and blessings come through the mystical body of the family.

You increase your luck by becoming part of a good, positive, high vibration association.

You can make new friends and suddenly great manifestations will begin to happen. This is because the shared energies in the group are positive and powerful.

Groups that empower you to heal, evolve, and grow, and dream BIG are amazing to be part of. Because they work for the wellbeing of the soul that you are.

Sometimes too, you can physically leave an association and still be part of their energy body.

This could cause you to still operate under the influence of their Egregor. You will eventually return to them because you never left energetically.

A husband and wife or any romantic relationship that lasted a long time will have a mystical body--for sure.

To truly divorce is to find a way to remove your energy-body from the mystical body you were once part of.

If not, the energy body of that previous relationship will keep sending out the vibration through your aura that you are already in a relationship. And your new partners will be suspecting you of unfaithfulness.

If you would like to clear out possible negative influences of past associations from your aura and psyche, I highly recommend you do the auragram meditations.

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