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How To Really Feel Fulfilled...When You Manifest

Manifest through wholeness
To feel enough is divine

God Replied:

The enoughness is not felt in "how big" or "how much". The enoughness is the feeling of wholeness you experience through everything you are, you do, and you have. This wholeness feels like a joy that has no outside reason to exist. It is simply real and vividly dynamic, burning at the center of your heart and felt throughout your entire body. If a single piece of music or art, a child's smile or a hug, a work or the lowest amount of money is what ignites this mystical joy inside your heart, then that's the fulfillment, the contentment, and the enoughness you soul desires. It has always been there. Inside your heart. It never leaves.


REALIZE THIS: You are purely divine and pure love. It's your sense of identity or "I am" (inner child) that is suffering from false beliefs and wounded personalities.

Q1: Are you someone who waits to see results or to see the outcome of your desires become real before you could be happy?

Q2: Do you often judge yourself when you happen to fail at something or when you notice your flaws?

Q3: Do you compare yourself to others and turn around to look down on yourself because you believe people are better than you?

Q4: Are you often fully present in what you are doing? Do you enjoy the journey of life? Do you enjoy the lessons you are learning?

Q5: Is part of you waiting for something "big" to happen before you could truly feel blessed? Are you just going through the motion of life feeling empty and stuck most of the time?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then that's where your lack of feeling fulfilled and content and enough is coming from.

REMEMBER THIS: Whatever you don't heal will continue to take away your peace, make you ill, distort your view of reality, hurt others, and go on with you in the afterlife.


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