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Manifest Faster By Helping Someone Else Spiritually

Everyone is the universe and you are everyone
There are no people. Only the universe

You can help people through your digital self.

Have you ever wondered if there are any benefits for you in helping people spiritually? If YES, then this lesson is going to serve you greatly.

Helping people spiritually has way more benefits for you the helper than the person you are helping. I will explain:

If you close your eyes and you start sending positive thoughts towards someone, at one point, something marvelous will begin to happen.

As you hold the image of that person in mind, that person is right there with you, inside your body because your neurons can see that person and consider that person as real.

Now, as you continue to send positive thoughts towards the picture of that person inside your mind, your brain will begin to generate some chemicals.

These chemicals or hormones will be positive since the thoughts you are sending to that person's picture in your mind are also positive.

These hormones or chemicals are often dopamine, oxytocin, endorphin, and serotonin. They are happy chemicals.

These happy chemicals will begin to transmute themselves into the seven divine feelings of the soul:

  1. Peace

  2. Tranquility

  3. Serenity

  4. Joy

  5. Enthusiasm

  6. Bliss

  7. Love

which are the seven unfolding of God inside the human body as happiness.

What we call happiness is actually God is manifestation inside the body. The day you will experience all the above seven energies at the same time you will understand.

Happiness is YOU as the divine-self, your true self unfolding through your seven spiritual energy centers.

This divine unfolding begins from the root energy center with peace all the way up to the seventh one on top of your head.

Keep in mind that you were sending those positive thoughts to someone else, BUT look at the blessings of well-being and wellness that will be flowing inside your own body.

Isn't this beautiful?

Of course it is.

There is way more blessing in giving than receiving indeed like Jesus Christ will say.

Imagine you doing that for two people, three people, four, five, ten, on a daily basis.

Imagine how positively this will affect your mental health, emotional health, and physical health.

Now, this is the opposite of dark magic.

If you make it a practice and a habit to send positive thoughts to others, and you do this consciously, you are stepping into the rank of angelic beings of light or good will.

As a matter of fact, you are co-working with good angels to heal the planet. This is one of the most amazing thing you could do as a human being.

Especially if the people you are sending these positive thoughts to are your "enemies" or people who don't like you.

PS: I will share in another lesson how to exactly send those positive thoughts.

The angels will begin to telepathically communicate with your digital-self. This is something I experience daily. Especially in your dreams where your digital-self is often creating your future.

At first you will think their ideas and thoughts are your own ideas and thoughts.

But eventually you will start noticing that the quality of the thoughts and ideas are extremely different and inspirational. And when they come you feel a deep sense of bliss.

When my wife and I channeled the auragram, the first thing the angels revealed to us was a new definition of love.

This is why most of you who did the entire auragram found yourself more loving and becoming very emotionally connected to almost all people and all things in creation.

The auragram explains love in a way that dispels all dark forces when well-practiced.

When you start hearing from angels through your digital-self, your digital-self immediately begins to receive a new soul.

You remember how in the first lesson I explained the soul of your digital self being the way you feel about yourself. Right?

Okay! Now, not only will you begin to feel better about yourself, but greater. WHY?

Because, in addition to feeling good about yourself, the thoughts of the angels flowing through your digital-self will manifest inside the digital-self the celestial energy of the angels or angels' foods.

For example, when someone is filled with anger and they are speaking to you, you tend to also feel angry. Right?

So, you did not just hear their words, you also heard their energy of anger, and you absorbed it into your digital-self.

Now you must know that the words of good angels working to heal the earth carry a celestial energy or vibration.

Do you understand what I am sharing here?

If you keep hearing from angels how to help people using their images because you have started to do so and have remained consistent at it...

...the celestial energy within the angelic words (vibration) will begin to flow inside you through your digital-self.

At first it will feel like joy, but it is not.

It's a different vibrational food.

You already know that thoughts are foods, and you eat with your mind. So, to telepath is to share a meal with another.

You don't live by physical foods alone. In spirit your mind is a mouth and thoughts are foods.

So, as the angels begin to share meal with you through your digital-self, you have become one of them and your digital-self cannot be infected by dark energies from others or negative entities.

PS: I will share in another lesson how to exactly send those positive thoughts.

In the auragram we explained that the moment you stepped into the auragram world, you are inside the body of God where everything becomes:

  1. LIGHT or photons

  2. ONE or the body of God

  3. CONNECTED because of Love

This is why at the end of the THE AURAGRAM we lead you through the vibrational alignment which most of you listen to daily.

Now, I will recommend that you read: HOW TO MANIFEST WITH YOUR DIGITAL-SELF or subscribe to be notified.

Let me know how the auragram has helped you. Until next time...

Much Love,



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