This is THE SECRET about manifesting your soul-mate...

"There is a universal SOUL we all share and that is identical in us all called the Higher Self or the Christ within AKA the image and likeness of God or Love which is our true identity.

From the perspective of this universal SOUL, we all are SOUL-MATES like ROOM-MATES, sharing the same energy space or SOUL which is at the same time who we are.

But there is a second soul or the subconscious-self which is the storage of our unique and individual life experiences whether good or bad. It does not matter. It's a second soul born out of memory.

When subconscious-selves or personalities attract each other by telepathy they become soulmates whether the relationship is good or bad.

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For example: If you hate being late and you attract someone who is always late, you are soulmates. When something in your soul attracted its opposite or similarity, you are a soul-mate to that opposite or that similarity.

Those who love everyone unconditionally by seeing all humans are part of the universal SOUL, design for themselves a better luck to attract a lasting romantic partner to be their soul-mate." - Alain Dagba