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How To Make Your Affirmations Manifest...

Manifest through potent affirmations
To affirm is to confirm

The Facts

We talk by nature. But we speak by art. To talk is a biological gift. But to speak is a skill. Talking may come naturally. Speaking may come by practice. To speak is to be intentional. Have you noticed that most of us talk unconsciously? Just pay close attention to how humans interact.

The Truth

If we could learn to be more present with our own words, we will become powerful healers on the planet as well as powerful creators. Because to speak is to create by choice. From the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks--Jesus will say. But from the overflow of the mind the mouth talks. We talk to make conversations.

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Miscreation is unconscious creation. We talk too much and speak less. That's why we are creating amiss. How many humans are truly saying something because they intentionally want to say it and it is important to say it? Not many. That's why we create problems and conflicts in our relationships and in our lives through the law of attraction.

Speak To Create

The truth is we are always affirming whether we are aware of this or not. Every single thought is an affirmation. We speak to bring into form or manifest an image we hold in mind that is matching a feeling we hold in the heart. Until the heart is filled with energy or feelings words are empty.

The Feeling

It's the feeling in the words that does the creation. Carelessness energy is unconscious talk. And when carelessness is in the way you talk, then carelessness is what will manifest in your life in various aspects of your living spectrum of reality.

Empty words cannot create--but they can create emptiness or nothing. They are like birds with no wings. Feelings give wings to words to fly and put on flesh or form in the bosom of the universe.

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Much Love

-Alain Dagba

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