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How To Manifest Through Your Parallel Reality...

Manifest from your multiverse reality
You are a multiverse yourself

Faith is synching your awareness with the awareness of the version of you that is already experiencing what you desire to have in another (parallel) universe (reality).

The word universe here simply means dimension of reality. For example, the moment you wish to have a car, you have immediately created three possibilities or dimensions or universes.

In possibility zero, you are without. In the possibility one, you are putting money together or manifesting money to get the car. In the possibility two, you are driving the car.

A Step By Step Guide That Delivers In Less Than Sixteen Minutes Reading Time How Exactly Desires Become Real Manifestations

The possibility zero and one are controlled by time therefore creating the absence of faith. In possibility two you are driving the car. Possibility two cancels out time and deletes delay in the movement of the events that should lead to you driving the car.

If you can sync your awareness with the version of you driving the car, you will manifest the car through the feeling or substance of having the car by becoming more like the person feeling like he or she deserves the car."

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Much Love

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