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Manifest Through A New Self-Concept

Manifest through self-concept
Manifest through a new self-concept

How many times do you need to be told that you are being delusional about all these manifestations and law of attraction "things" before you listen?

How many times do you have to be told to be realistic and smell the coffee before you listen?

The truth is, you are not going to listen, and you will never stop. You know WHY? Because something inside you knows the truth.

You can't explain it. You can't prove it.

You cannot convince other people about it. Yet, you simply know it is true. This truth reminds you of where you came from--where we came from.

How you know and know things should be. You can deeply feel it. You know that the earth is supposed to be a magical place.

You also know that we are not alone. You know the universe is a living being.

You know your thoughts are things. You know that you have a power in you that can create whatever you desire.

But you can't prove it.

You also know there is something wrong with the matrix you are in--a world within a world.

You know the words of Christ were true: "You are in the matrix (world) but not of the matrix (world).

You can feel it.

Something inside you knows that humans are programs designed by a group of people who also know this truth.

You know you are more than just the body. But you cannot prove it. That's why you are the black sheep--divergent.

So, don't think you can stop now. It's too late. No matter how badly you are treated. You know and sense too much to go back.

WHAT can be done? Nothing. You must change your concept of yourself. You will not be able to adapt to the 3D world. It won't work. It's too late.

You must become the superior being to help other awakened souls rescue humans from the artificial intelligence they have become.

This is the bigger picture.

Did you think you were feeling differently just to manifest material things? Think again.

What about some of the things you have been through that make no sense? Those pains that triggered so much of your past life data...

Did you really think they were for nothing?

No, my friend. You are not just a human being; you are a cosmic event that manifested on planet earth to help the full manifestation of God in the human body.

That's what they are afraid of.

Because when that happens, the machines can no longer take over Zion (Higher Level of Consciousness) or the city-consciousness.

Do you remember the movie the Matrix? Well, it's a documentary as some will say.

It's an agenda revealed.

You have Neo inside you--THE ONE.

And do you think the name "trinity" was given to that lady in the movie for no reason?

Listen my friend. Something brought you here. Follow it. Follow that bliss. It's a different kind of rabbit hole.


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