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Manifest Through Your Digital-Self

Your Digital Self Creates Your 3D World

In the prophetic movie the Matrix, your digital self was called your residual self. Let me really introduce you to him or her.

Can I ask you a few questions:

When you say you fell asleep, and you started to dream, who is that person inside your dream?

Now, who is the one watching the other person performing the reality of the dream?

Who is the one sleeping?

So, a version of you is sleeping.

Another version of you is living a life inside a dream world.

And another version of you is watching the other one living his life inside the dream.

Which one are you then?

And which one remembers the dream when you wake up if you were truly sleeping?

Are you paying attention to what I am saying here?

These is something called inception. You probably watched the movie about it. Listen, that's another prophetic movie.

A dream within a dream. That's inception.

When you are awake, and suddenly you start interacting with people inside your mind, you are entering their dream and you are inviting them into yours.

You call this daydreaming.

BUT NO. You are incepting someone's subconscious mind through telepathy; and soon they must act it out in the 3D world.

Your digital self is also known as your self-image. It has a soul. The soul of your self-image is how deeply you feel about yourself.

That feeling determined how you could telepathically be affected by others. The way you deeply feel about yourself is your destiny.

When you change your inner feeling about yourself, you change the soul inside your digital self and shift your reality.

When you change your subconscious feeling about yourself, you change the soul inside your digital self and shift your reality.

It's your digital self that enters many dreams to create the reality you desire to manifest--even your unconscious dreams.

Nothing manifests outside of dreams. The whole vast world is a combination of loosed dreams and controlled dreams.

The way you feel about yourself is the way people see you in their dream world when you appear there.

When you change the way you subconsciously feel about yourself, you will be denied access to some dreams and given access to some others dreams.

This world is an algorithm of dreams. Your digital self makes you omnipresent.

When you pray yourself into a future outcome, it is your digital self you send into the future timeline or dimension.

Human minds are planets; and you can live on multiple planets at the same time--when people bring your image into their mind.

If the feeling you hold about yourself is toxic, you are opening your soul to similar digital selves to telepathically incept you, communicate with you, and control your internal dialogue which creates the events of your life.

I highly recommend you use the auragram meditations to re-wire the feelings you hold about yourself at the subconscious level to facilitate the manifestation of your greatest destiny.


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