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See A New Life - Your Soul Journey Matters...

YES, we want to manifest and have a good life. What about the SOUL? Are you living just for this world? or are you living for this world and the next? Are you working on the illumination of your SOUL?

Not everything is visible to our physical eyes. Behind our eyes there is the eye of the mind which interprets our realities. But here is the big question: Who owns this eye that sees through mind?

"If the eye in you is good, your whole body will be in the light. But if the eye inside you makes you fall, tear it out and throw it far away from you" Jesus Christ.

We continue to live in the world that we see through the eye within us. This eye makes us read the outside world according to its beliefs and tendencies.

There is a way you currently look at your life, who you are, your finances, your future, and your relationships. Imagine for a moment that you are looking at all these things through the eye of your divine being.

This is actually the purpose of the Soul Journey Spiritual Masterclass: To awaken your divine spark and give IT a space to recreate your world through you and with you according to truth and love.

When we change the creator of one reality, another reality must be born. My wife and I traced our spiritual journey and the positive influence our enlightening soul-transformation brought to our lives to create the Soul Journey Academy.

It’s now a gift to humanity to experience. A gift to you to experience. When you start seeing a new world, it means you have become a new soul.

In the soul journey we talked about the two souls that inhabit us: The personal soul which is the accumulation of our life experiences and beliefs; and the divine soul which is the pure expression of love.

The primary reason for our existence is to become the identity of our divine soul to free our personal soul. Each module of the Soul Journey guides you towards the realization of your divine being.

Maybe right now in your life there are things that you would like to understand, realities that you would like to rectify. This will be done by the awakening of your higher being or your divine soul.

Now, I invite you to discover the Soul Journey Spiritual Masterclass



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