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Self-Confidence - Is it Necessary to manifest?

Manifest through self-confidence
Self-Confidence and believing in yourself are the same.

Maybe somewhere you were made to believe that having self-confidence was a natural thing that every soul possesses. Maybe this belief does not allow you to see in yourself the ability to create your own confidence. If you suffer from lack of self-confidence like I did, and maybe still in other aspects of my life, I just want you to know the simple truth about it. If you do what you love, you don't need self-confidence, because the love of what you do is superior to self-confidence. Your mission then is not so much to seek confidence in yourself. But to find love in something--above all the universal love which embraces the desire to see all humanity flourish in peace and happiness.

The most important word in the concept of "self-confidence" is the word "self". The word "confidence" depends on the word "self" which represents who you are.

If you make love the reason you do what you do, then you represent that energy of love right here and right now. And to love, everything is and becomes possible. "Love believes everything" will say Saint Paul in the scriptures. If you believe that you can feed three thousand orphaned children in this world, you don't need self-confidence to achieve this dream. You need love for these three thousand children. This love will push you beyond all mental limitations to realize that dream. If what you are doing is driven by love, then your “I” or the “self” that represents you in that moment is now a manifestation of God; because God is love and "to God, all things are possible" will say Jesus Christ.

Confidence is the fruit of love. When you do something because you are driven by love, confidence springs from your heart like a flower that blooms from the branches of the tree of love that you are.

So don't bother yourself too much with this concept of finding self-confidence.

You won't find confidence unless you find the tree that bears it like a fruit. And that tree is love.

But, I am not saying to only do what you love. That's limiting; and that will take down your confidence in your capacity to do more.

I am saying to find love in what you do. Now, that's illimitable. And to find love in what you do is to travel from your mind to your heart. If you want to pick mangoes, you have to find a mango tree. If you want to find confidence, you have to find love deep in your heart. If you find the definition of love in what you do, that love for that thing will make you love yourself more. And since we naturally have confidence in the people we love; by starting to love yourself for the labor of love you do, you will automatically have confidence in yourself. Wherever love sends you, God sends you. Because God is love.

Let me share a little story with you. I remember when I wanted to write my first book in English. I have spoken French and my African dialect all my life.

Now I am in the U.S and I have to write my book in English to serve my audience. Fear gripped me every time I thought about it. The fear of not being able to express myself well in English. The fear of rejection. The fear of being ridiculed. It was depressing. But one day I asked myself the question: Why do I want to write? After a few months of reflection, I have found the answer. I want to write because I want to share the light of divine wisdom with the world to bring people to the awakening of their divine being. And I know it will bring them peace and happiness in life. This answer made me fall in love with this desire to write. I found love in my desire to write this book. Suddenly love healed me from all my fears.

All of a sudden these fears have no more power. By the way, they had never had any power other than the one I gave them in the absence of love. And here is the greatest experience: I fell in love with myself for choosing to illuminate the world with my book. I became someone I desired to be with, spend time with, talk to, and play with.

From that space of love, the book started to flow. Love was writing through me. All ideas about typos, rejection, where will I find a publisher, or will people love the book, did not matter.

I was writing because love has called me to share wisdom with people. I moved from my head to live inside my heart. I was not writing because I love writing. I was not looking for a way to do what I love.

I was writing because I found a reason to love through the writing. This is where you become unlimited. And another word for being unlimited is to believe in your Higher-Self, the Love version of you, the one often called greatness.

Saint Paul will say that he could do all things, all things, through this love presence or Christ living inside him. Jesus Christ will say it is the love presence or the father in him who does the work.

Love never fails at anything. So, from that experience I came to fall in love with the idea of love. And saw that everything around us is made of that energy of love.

Through meditation I came to discover that this love lives inside every single cell of our body. As a matter of fact, the cells of our body express this love toward each other.

None of these cells struggle with self-confidence.

They know with all their might that they run the entire human organism and even heal it. It's amazing.

Seeing the universe as a giant body, I came to realize that we and everything on earth are cells in this giant cosmic body.

We must learn to express love in any task, dream, goal, and vision we have in mind to serve the entire body-system known as humanity.

We can even heal the planet just like the cells of the body could heal broken bones. This led me and my wife to design the auragram that most of you reading already know about.

The auragram is a mental space in which you step during meditation, beyond the physical reality to see everything as love through the light that abides at the center of them all.

Some of you have reported how by melting all forms into one and sending and receiving love from everyone and everything in the auragram, you became incapable of resenting or not forgiving.

This is because now you understand that when one cell harms the body it is part of it harms itself. There is no "OTHER" when we are part of the same "ONE".

The good news is we are still giving away the entire Auragram for Free ($250 Value) as well as the E-mail coaching that comes with it. Everything will be based on a donation to our non-profit.

So, it would be a pleasure for me to work with you to help you realize the love at the center of your dreams, goals, and aspirations. You are here to love. And to be Love.

Sometimes we don't know the true meaning of that desire within us to fulfill big dreams and help the world find more peace, health, happiness, and prosperity. This desire is the manifestation of love.

Self-confidence is only the result of love.

So don't waste your time trying to find self-confidence.

Find love at the center of a noble vision that will bring you the joy of living and blessings for your family and the world, and you will have found God in you as this momentum that propels you towards this infinite part of your soul that is illimitable.

This is the purpose of the auragram. Maybe this is your time to try it.

If you want us to work together on your goal, your dream, or your aspirations to activate the driven force inside you to accomplish them, then I invite you to first answer some questions (short survey) that will help me better understand the destination you have in mind.

The auragram, there is nothing like it. Maybe it's your time to step into your auragram and see REALITY from a much larger and bigger perspective.


Much Love,



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