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Tarik & Takir - Short Story About Manifesting Your Reality

You manifest what you expect could happen
What you fear you are immediately attraction

Once upon a time, there were two birds, Tarik and Takir. 

Both Tarik and Takir worked for a mother bird, as she was called, gathering grains for 10 years. 

When the time came for the two birds to retire, the mother bird honored their agreement to lend the two birds two hundred grains each, and which they ought to repay after one full year.

Our two birds became very excited and took off.

However, on their way home, they each started to hear their own voice in their own head. 

Tarik heard her own voice saying to her, “Two hundred grains is a lot to pay back. What if I am not able to pay it back? I planned on making babies and feed them some of these grains. What if I lost my grains and could not even multiply them?” 

With those thoughts Tarik became sad. The joy she felt earlier vanished. Her wings became weak. She decided to perch on a branch of a nearby tree to regain her strength. 

On the other hand, Takir heard a different message from her own voice inside her head. “These two hundred grains are filled with two hundred opportunities. I will make a fortune out of each grain. Then, I will make babies and feed them some of the grains and teach them to help me make more grains. Who knows, I may one day become a mother bird myself. Before a year, I am sure to turn these two hundred grains into two thousand grains.” 

Takir became even more excited. Her thoughts made her wings even more strong and her joy grew mightily inside her heart. 

While Tarik was mourning her horrible future created by her own mind, a bird collector passed by, captured her from the branch she was mourning and took her home to place her in a cage with other birds. 

Her bag of grains had fallen under the tree she was while dreaming of her horrible future to come. She did not have to go look for the future she was contemplating. It came to find her. 

On the other hand, Takir, while flying deep into the sky because her wings were made stronger by her thoughts, noticed a large field where humans were harvesting a massive number of grains. 

She decided to find a home in a tree nearby to place her bag of grains, and she then strategized a plan to collect in the evening more grains humans may have left on the ground. 

She worked many evenings nonstop. But she had a dream greater than her nightly fatigue. Dreams of this kind have a way of keeping one going. 

After six months, Takir became wealthy in grains. She hired other birds to work for her and became a mother bird herself. 

But instead of operating her business as her previous boss, she decided to pay these birds every single day instead of waiting for a year. 

Very quickly, words went out. She became the number one mother bird in all the bird lands. 

Words went so far to even reach the ears of every bird caged by humans.

That’s when Tarik heard about the fortune of her friend Takir. Since strange things do happen when nature is ready to show an important lesson, a strange thing did happen. 

The owner of the birds who captured Tarik decided to let go of all his birds. He was approaching death. When he opened the cage, the birds refused to leave. 

Tarik’s voice returned inside her head saying, “If I leave this cage, what will I become? I am going to have to work to find grains. Here, my master feeds me daily. He sings to us. We are protected from predators. Why risk so much to only be killed one day by a hunter if I could stay here and enjoy myself and die peacefully one day? I am staying."

All the other birds were thinking the same, because birds of the same mind usually are placed in the same cage by the mysterious cosmic hand of nature. 

Their thoughts made their wings so heavy that they could not fly out of the cage. 

Their owner ended up dying. The cage was no longer protected. And one night, ferocious beasts came to find the birds in their sleep and devoured them. 

They did not have to look for predators. The predators came and found them.

On the other hand, Takir got married to a very handsome bird. They had beautiful babies. Their family became known in the bird land for their generosity and wealth. 

The End

Written By Alain Yaovi Mawuli Dagba (Alain Dagba for short)

Copyrighted/ISBN Material Content

All rights reserved


What lesson have you gotten out of this story? Please share! Oh, are you aware that you also have wings? They are called your imagination.



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