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The Mystery of Soulmates - Class 1 - SOLM - February 2024

Class 1 - The Mysteries of Soulmates
School Of Life's Mysteries

We are beginning the month of February, this year 2024, with another thought-provoking subject: Soulmates.


We will dive into the following questions: What is a soul? Where does the soul come from? Are souls supposed to connect to specific people during their earthly journey? Could one soul have many soulmates? What is a soulmate? What determines a soulmate?


Step 1: Introduction

Embark on a Soulful Journey: Unveiling the Essence Of the SOUL.

Step 2: Setting the Tone

In the sacred space of our class after the silence writing meditation, we will dive into the profound exploration of the soul—an odyssey that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the extraordinary.

Step 3: The Soul Guiding Principle

Guided by the wisdom that echoes through the ages, our journey begins with an intimate understanding of the soul's intricate matrix of existence.

Step 4: Unveiling Soul Mysteries

As we navigate the depths of the soul, we will unravel the mystery of the soul that lies within us. From the ethereal realms to the intricacies of our earthly existence, we'll embark on a quest to fathom the very essence that defines us.

Step 5: Exploring Soul As Consciousness

Together, we'll navigate the realms of consciousness, explaining the threads that connect our individual souls to the universal whole.

Step 6: Soul As Timeless Essence

It's the transcendental vision of who we are beyond that body, beyond the confines of time and space, where the soul emerges as the eternal flame, casting its luminous light across the fabric of our existence that opens our eyes to see the reality of a soulmate.

Step 7: Cultivating Soul Language

With every insight I will be sharing, and every revelation I will uncover, we'll cultivate a language of the soul—a dialect that speaks in energy, resonating with the vibrations of the cosmos.

Step 8: Soul Inner Connection

Through contemplation and reflection, the student will forge a profound connection with their inner self, discovering the reservoir of strength, wisdom, and boundless potential that resides within.


Join us in this transformative exploration as we navigate the landscapes of the soul, unlocking the gates to self-awareness and spiritual illumination.

In the alchemy of our shared understanding, the essence of the soul will reveal itself, and the journey toward self-discovery will become an everlasting tapestry of growth and enlightenment.

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