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How To Make Prayer Work To Manifest...

How to manifest through prayer
To pray is to create

"To pray is to create. To create is to formulate invisible forces and translate them into physical or tangible experiences via the laws of mind and of the universe.

The laws of the universe are the universe itself. These laws fill everything through and through.

Your body is filled with the universe like a sponge dropped in the ocean is filled with water.

To pray is to create. To create is to formulate invisible forces which are thoughts and feelings and bring them into agreement and then in alignment with LOVE.

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This School of Life's Mysteries by Spiritual Teacher Alain Dagba provides instant and enlightening wisdom for the students and brings them into the experience of ONENESS with the DIVINE.

Everything aligned with LOVE is aligned with the laws of mind and the laws of the universe.

When thoughts, feelings, and action are in agreement LOVE is generated. Then all three generate a vibe or a vibration that moves out of the body into the universe as radio waves.

This vibe they produce which feels like bliss inside our heart is metaphorically called incense of prayer which becomes your manifestation by virtue of the law of attraction.

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Much Love

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