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To Dissolve Negativity is To Manifest Positivity

Every manifestation represents a thought in your mind
When evil becomes thoughts, the universe becomes the thoughts

"Nothing happens out of nothing. For something to exist something else must be its cause.

Nothing manifests out of thin air because No-THING itself is the source of creation and thin air is still a thing.

All forms emerge from IT, the void, or the unseen that gives animation to all that is seen.

Everything follows a law of cause in effect. If the cause is unknown then the unknown is the cause.

There are no accidents. There are only laws in operation we know not of. Yet, everything is following a geometrical pattern.

It won't happen if the patterns did not make it happen. You are part of a pattern, you just happen not to know it or understand it.

To accept accidents is to deny the working of a supreme intelligence that is moving the cosmos and everything that grows on the planet.

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The universe is subconscious. God created the universe as a creative device to help humans manifest their desires by the way they interact with the laws of the universe--consciously or unconsciously.

The wrong interaction with the laws of the universe (often time unconsciously) creates misfortunes.

So there is conscious creation and unconscious creation.

Everything is created by the heart or feelings. What you feel is communicating to the universe what you "want" to create.

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Life or Energy flows out of the heart as a feeling to interact with the laws of the universe inside your body and outside your body.

When problems happen, find a way not to dwell on them. If you dwell on your problems, eventually they will generate toxic feelings toward you.

Once you start judging yourself with your feelings, you have started to condemn yourself and asking for punishment.

So guard your heart; for the feeling that shows up when the problem happens is the creator of it. Yet we often miss it.

Let me say this again. When a problem shows up, watch the feeling that shows up with it.

That feeling is the one that brought the problem forth through the law of attraction from the last time you released it into the aether.

Feelings are seeds. The universe is all around you.

You are moving in a sea of laws. The space around you is a fertile soil. What you plant that you shall reap.

And you are always planting.

If you can dissolve that feeling when it shows up, you have found the secret to dissolve that problem from re-creating itself from the same feeling in the future.

To dissolve a feeling is to dissolve the problem that the feeling brought forth. The problem is a form or a body.

The feeling is its soul.

Like all forms vanish without a soul, so do problems without their corresponding feelings.

A new feeling must bring forth a new reality or form.

Keep holding the same feeling about the problem and the problem will keep showing up in different forms.

A negative feeling is the feeling that is in disharmony with love.

What is in disharmony with love is from the realm of fear.

Fear gives birth to anger, jealousy, envy, impatience, resentment, and toxic assumptions.

All the above feelings are branches from the tree of judgment.

To dissolve a negative feeling is to dissolve a negative energy. And to dissolve a negative energy is to see a lesson within a situation and choose to appreciate yourself for learning that lesson and move on.

All judgments are from self-judgment.

Your mind sees in others what it is made of. Your belief-system shows you the world you see. You can only see from what's inside you.

To love yourself unconditionally is to see love in others through your own love for who you are and how you are evolving.

1 Peter 4: 8 "Love (harmony with oneself) covers (dissolves) multitude of sins (myriad of negative energies trapped inside the body)"

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