This is THE SECRET to dissolve the energy of problems...

"Nothing happens out of nothing. For something to exist something else must be its cause.

Nothing manifests out of thin air because No-THING itself is the source of creation. All forms emerge from IT.

Everything follows a law of cause in effect. There are no accidents. To accept accidents is to deny the working of a supreme intelligence.


This Mysteries School by Spiritual Teacher Alain Dagba provides instant and enlightening wisdom from the book The Alchemist and much more

The universe is subconscious. God created the universe as a creative device to help humans manifest their desires by the way they interact with the laws of the universe--consciously or unconsciously.

The wrong interaction with the laws of the universe (often time unconsciously) creates misfortunes.

So there is conscious creation and unconscious creation.

Everything is created by the heart or feelings.

Life or Energy flows out of the heart.

So guard your heart; for the feeling that shows up when the problem happens is the creator of it. Yet we often miss it.

If you can dissolve that feeling when it shows up, you have found the secret to dissolve that problem from re-creating itself from the same feeling in the future." -Alain Dagba