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Increase Your Luck...and Manifest Your Desire

Manifest through magnetism
Making your soul-energy beautiful

The Facts

Sometimes the challenges you may be facing in your life could make you doubt the existence of this supernatural power available to us all known as LUCK. Some people call it CHANCE or SERENDIPITY. But, if you are here reading this, it means part of you still believe.

You Are Not Alone

Listen, you have not been sent here on planet earth alone. The earth is filled with powerful forces that are here to help you. The problem is, you are not aware of these powers. And a major part of you has been trained to only believe your intellect and what could be proven by your five senses.

The Truth

The truth is your situation can change. We are living in a tri-dimensional plane where nothing stays the same. So, whatever you may be dealing with is already "cursed" with impermanency, or the inability to last. Everything on this plane is designed to be ephemeral. Now, this is a truth you already know.

They Are Not Problems

What you call problems are projects. They are not here to torment you. But you have to be willing to transform them into projects. Even problems that seem to remain forever are changing at their core. It may feel like it's the same problem, but at its core the energy is always changing. You will notice if you pay attention.

Luck Will Help

Do you believe that luck could help you solve your problems? Well, luck is a law, one of the forces printed in the fabric of this plane to help you overcome any challenge you could face in your entire lifetime. Everyone has his or her own rhythm of luck. You are here to know yours and increase it.

What Is Luck?

I believe that luck is a mystical phenomenon that can be created by the energy of the people you choose to share your space with. Luck is an energy that gets activated within you through your biofield or aura by your subconscious interaction with a specific group of people.

Have Faith

Put this to your own test and no one will tell you if it's true or not. Act on it and see. Your action is your faith. Luck is a very mystical phenomenon. Yet it does exist. BUT it's not a random happenstance as most people think. It's pure spiritual science based on intentionality.

How To Manifest Your Luck

Your luck manifests faster if the desired outcome is more tailored to your personal energy than to the massive population focusing their competitive energy on a particular thing for themselves such as winning the lottery. So, the first step to increase your luck for an outcome is to make your desired outcome very unique to you.

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Here is an example: You want a house. That's a personal desire to you because the type of house you want, how you want it to look and feel to you, and where you want it will never be similar to what everyone else desires about a house.

Tap Into The Energy

Remember, wanting to solve a problem is a trap. Creating a solution is enlightenment. When the solution is created, the problem won't be here. So, your outcome is your solution. You have to design it with your specific energies or feelings to increase your luck to manifest it. This is how you tap into the energy of the outcome.

Detailed Example:

Now, how would you feel if you were to get that house today and right now? Once you find that feeling or those feelings, you have tuned into the energy or energies of your outcome or the solution you want to manifest. Now, you can tap into your luck.

Human Energies

To tap into your luck is to find the correct rhythm for the outcome you would like to experience. This rhythm is made of feelings. To do this, you need humans energies or feelings. I am not suggesting that you take people's energies to increase and manifest your luck. I am saying you need the energies or feelings of the people who love you and want good for you.

Other forms of energies

There are other forms of energy or energies on the planet. Minerals energies, plants energies, animals energies, and so forth. But nothing more powerful than the human energy. The higher the intelligence in energy the more potent it is.


Spending most of your time with people or a person who can activate that same feeling within you is the SECRET. When the feeling you experience daily in high quantity matches the feeling of the desired outcome, you are in alignment with the object or subject of the desired outcome. The result is what you call luck or a cosmic feedback.

Energies Are Everywhere

Listen, places, plants, and animals could also activate the feeling of your desired outcome inside your body. But sharing your desired outcome with someone or a group of people who wants that outcome for you will speed up your manifestation in a way that will blow your mind.

Chanting And Prayers

Even if that group of people comes together to pray for you holding the desired outcome in mind while chanting from a place of joy, that will be enough. Multiple people releasing the same feeling for a single soul toward a single outcome for that soul is the power to activate the law or force of luck on behalf of that person.

The Danger Of Isolation

This is why humans who go through problems alone find it difficult to come out of them. We are designed to connect and to serve one another with our highest energies focused with intention. Isolation is the contrary force of opposite of community, communion, and telepathic communication.


With the correct assembled humans energies or feelings you can manifest your solutions faster in the earth plane. Because the human kingdom communicates at multiple levels and with a higher frequency than any other kingdoms. Good people add their energies or feelings to ours to summon the graceful hand of the universe to our advantage (share and leave a comment).

Feel free to leave a comment, I would like to know how this message has positively impacted you.

Much Love


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