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How To Manifest Your Special Someone...

Manifest Your Special Someone
Your special someone is for your healing and evolution

The Facts

Are you aware that the person you desire to be with is already on this planet earth? Well, sometimes you may forget thinking he or she has to come from another planet. So, the fact that that person is already in the same space as you is the proof that it should not be hard for the two of you to meet and start the magic of love.

The Truth

Souls telepathically communicate before they physically meet. There is no way you will meet in form unless you have already met in spirit. Otherwise there could not be a possible subconscious pull or recognition. So, you are not really looking for a mate. You have probably already found each other. Now, you are seeking to match your frequencies so that time and space could come together to give you a chance to physically meet. That's all.

The Reality

You are not longing for a partner because you need one. You are longing for a partner because you both energy bodies have already found each other and have been communicating telepathically on the subconscious plane. But you have to be ready not to ruin the opportunity when it comes.

The Feeling

Try to pay attention to your feelings and you will notice that there are days you won't feel like being with a partner and then there are days the feeling to be with someone will just come back very strong. This is because you have both been experiencing temporary disconnections due to multiple preferences and life's demands.

Make Up Your Mind

So, do you really want a love partner? You have to make up your mind--you know. You may have been telepathically communicating with your significant other already on multiple occasions but you keep on going back and forth with your decision.

Magic Formula

Write this formula down somewhere and keep meditating on it until it makes sense: "THE FEELING OF SOMEONE IS THE PERSON INSIDE YOU." I know it sounds strange. BUT, please take your time to read it again. You can feel a person before meeting that person. If you know the feeling the person will represent, then you already have the person inside your body in his or her energy form.

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The Silent Language

Feelings are silent languages. Pay attention to your feelings each time you are feeling the desire to be with someone. If you can dive or sink your awareness deep into that feeling, some images will start showing up such as colors, buildings, trees, smells, words, even faces. Because each time you sink or dip your awareness into your feelings you are synching time and space into a vision.

The Appointment

By sinking your awareness into the feeling of wanting a love mate, you are setting up an appointment through the law of attraction to meet that person. The images flashing in your mind are elements within the space and the unfolding of the time that will make the appointment manifest as a meeting.

Don't forget

The feeling of a person is the person in energy form inside your body. If you train your body to become familiar with that feeling, then your body will recognize that person when he or she shows up Remember, the body is the exit and the entrance of energies between your internal world and the ether.

Design The Sign

How will that person feel to you when she or he shows up? You need to know this feeling and keep it inside your body. This feeling is actually a psychic guiding power that will lead you intuitively to places or locations to make the appointment manifest on the physical plane.


There is nothing new happening. So be sure about the feeling you want to experience when he or she shows up. Practice that feeling. Love that feeling. Immerse your body into that feeling. By doing so, you have created the formless version of the form of your love mate inside you. Your body will recognize him or her when he or she shows up. (Share & Leave A Comment)

Feel free to leave a comment, I would like to know how this message has positively impacted you.

Much Love


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