This is THE SECRET to speed up your manifestation...

"To manifest is to convert your thoughts and feelings into events that will deliver your desire to you in a physical or tangible form.

This process of conversion of thoughts and feelings into events requires a constant balance between the focus and non-focus time of your mental energy and emotional energy.

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You focus on your desire when you are praying or visualizing to freeze it so you can work on it mentally and emotionally.

THEN you let go of focus when you are not praying or visualizing to make your desire become fluid and non-local in the universe so other people could pick it up telepathically at the subconscious level.

BUT, keep the same thoughts and feelings of the desire long enough. This is the secret.

Your thoughts are mental energies. Your feelings are emotional energies. By constantly changing your thoughts you are changing your feelings.

By constantly changing your feelings you keep shifting your energies.

By constantly shifting your energies you abort the process of conversion each time; only to restart all over again.

By constantly aborting multiple processes of conversion of energies you keep changing the events that were in the process of delivering your desire to you in a physical or tangible form." - Alain Dagba


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