This is THE SECRET not to attract what you don't want...

"To attract you need a magnetic force. To feel is to create a magnetic force moving in and out of your body as an electromagnetic field.

Focus creates a magnetic force. Feeling is a magnetic pull. What you focus on determines what you feel. What you feel determines what you pull toward you.

If you focus on what you don't want, you will feel what you don't want as the fear of not having what you want.

Fear is a negative faith. So what you fear you will attract.

You can only fear what you believe is possible.

EBOOK: Secrets To Divine Manifestations

Finding your life's purpose through the rebirth of your soul.

What we call the universe is simply a group of physical (mechanical) laws and metaphysical (fluid) laws. For example gravity is a physical law. The law of attraction is a metaphysical law.

What you feel by focus becomes a magnetic field or aura around your body. Your aura pulls to you by telepathy what you fear by using human subconscious connections." -Alain Dagba