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Manifest Your Desire Through Guided Meditation

Manifest through the correct image of yourself
Hold no toxic feelings about yourself

Dear Friends,

Never accept toxic emotions and feelings as points of reference in the way you define yourself and how you choose to live your life.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: How would your life be like if you could become immune against the toxic feelings that are triggered inside your body from what someone did or did not do?

You see, our feelings are triggered from our subconscious beliefs and our subconscious beliefs are storytellers. To be free from the toxic stories our brain tells us through negative feelings is real freedom.

Happiness is born out of freedom. When we allow our energy to be taken hostage by people's behaviors, we never feel free; and we always try to please others to prevent them from hurting us.

What if I told you that your power or ability to transform energy or TRANSFORM your feelings to your liking is the secret to not let negative emotions ruin your life.

I remember those days I did not know how to TRANSFORM my own energy. I will go all day long struggling with negative emotions from what someone has done or said.

My mind will go crazy arguing with them in mind head, making assumptions, and creating stories that will literally be draining me physically.

That's how I have discovered how powerful our feelings are. They can weaken our body cells, decrease our immune system, cause joints pain, and even alter our sleeping pattern.

I remember asking myself how could something be inside my own body and my own head but yet I could not have control over it?

That's when the liberating truth came.

I was not taught, just like most of you were not taught, how to handle my internal world. I did not even know this is something I could do.

I grew up believing that there is nothing I could do about what my mind is doing. Because of that false belief, I have allowed my mind to make me a slave, to torture me, and make me feel miserable for many years.

HOW? The question became HOW can I learn to master my mind and my feelings? That's when I started to explore psychology and sacred texts only to realize that the answer was right in front of me the whole time.

I realized that God has given me one of the greatest powers known as imagination. And here is the shocking truth: This imagination has been belittled so much so that you won't see how powerful it is.

The answer to TRANSFORM my energy and raise my feelings and even alter physical experiences was inside me the whole time.

I begin to realize how everything humans have created came out of their imagination. I also came to the conclusion that everything God has created must have also come from his imagination.

To create is to TRANSFORM energy from one form into another. By learning this truth I came to realize that I could TRANSFORM any events in my mind to immediately TRANSFORM how I feel about it.

Not only that, I came to realize how stepping into your imagination is stepping into the REAL WORLD. It's like the manufacturing Wearhouse of the physical world.

Everything you've purchased that you have on you and around you came from a manufacturing house.

Listen, your imagination is the manufacturing house of your physical life experiences. You can meet with anything and anyone in your imagination which is a REAL WORLD.

And here is the miracle I have discovered: Whatever I started to change in my imagination to generate new feelings,

I was able to also change in my physical experiences starting from how I relate to it. I started to respond to life instead of reacting to it.

This is how I came to discover the true meaning of prayer. This is how I started to feel my freedom for the first time.

I became the owner of my energy forever. I started to rewire my beliefs by re-creating my story. I get to decide which way the destiny of the story goes and what happens in the end as far as my energy was concerned.

By constantly transforming my energy, my brain and body learned the process through the power of repetition. This is how I was able to rewire my beliefs and re-create my stories.

Because the narrative my brain was using to torment me was from the old wiring based on powerless and false information that made up my belief-system, the new narratives have brought me to a whole new mental conversation with myself and how I see life as it unfolds.

So, in this audio recording with a soothing background music, I guide you through the process I took to never again accept toxic emotions and feelings as points of reference in the way I define myself and how I choose to live my life.

You could use this audio guided meditation for any situation that is causing you to experience negative and toxic feelings. The result is simply magical. Enjoy!

Much Love,

Alain Dagba


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